Can you please send me the contact details of CEO of Sears as I would like to make a complaint


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  1. Amazing to read all of these horror stories. Sears has changed so much. Our home is filled with 40 years of Sears appliances, outdoor furniture, grills and tools. So I recently purchased a queen mattress which developed a lump right in the middle. I contacted Sears and had a representative come to my home. It was decided that there was a lump but it wasn't "big enough" to do anything about. The mattress has a gel layer and I am guessing it is what is causing my problems. I have a bad back and was told that this Serta mattress was made for people with these problems. I just want a comforting night sleep and not more pain. I will try to contact Mr. Lambert but wanted this to also be posted. The customer care center also would not help in any way. The end result was we were told to write a letter and see if that would work. I will also be contacting the BBB and anyone else until I get this resolved.

  2. In reading other's comments there seems to be a common thread with Sears Customer Service. (What a contradiction in terms!)
    My wife ordered a mini refrigerator from on 12/5/13. On 12/10/13 the refrigerator arrived, however it was the wrong color. This has all been admitted to and confirmed by Sears. Now the fun begins...
    We were told that Sears had shipped this item from a 3rd party vendor and we would have to deal with them as far as returning it. This 3rd party vendor expected us to pay return shipping charges and a 20% restocking fee. For their mistake!! They gave us the contact information for this "vendor", however the phone number always answered with a message that the mailbox was full and we could never speak to a live person. This went on for days, all the while trying to get Sears to help. After countless attempts to get this resolved we finally had our credit card company dispute the charge and they removed it. disputed our dispute and the charge was reinstated because they said we never returned the refrigerator. (To a company that doesn't answer the phone or email and provide return instructions). All of this can be verified by referencing our customer order 603833188. We even offered to take this item back to our local Sears store but they would not allow us to do that. We were billed and paid $273.02 for an item that we did not order, did not want, and could not return. Sears customer service was absolutely no help in resolving this and kept repeating their mantra that we had to deal with the vendor that made the mistake. Bottom Line - NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH SEARS! With customer treatment like this I think it's fair to say they probably won't be around much longer.
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      Hi there, srosto! Welcome to MySears! I am so sorry you are having trouble with your fridge return to a vendor. I have sent this along to the SearsCares team, who will be happy to help.

      A team member will be by in a bit requesting more information so they can directly connect with you. As soon as that reply is posted, I will reach out to you via email to let you know.


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      We’re sorry that our customer service did not meet expectations with regards to your recent online purchase. My name is David with our Sears Cares Escalation team. We would like to look into this with you and assist you in contacting our market place vendor so we can address your concerns. At your convenience, please contact my office via email at so we can help. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the mini fridge was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide the screen name (srosto) you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.
      Thank you,
      David W.
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  3. I bought a NuWave oven on your website.
    Everything went fine, a few days later, I was arriving home and the UPS truck was pulling into my driveway too (circular driveway). The UPS driver gave me this huge stroller box with the tag from KMart, well, I thought they would have put the oven in the box for extra protection or something. Then I noticed the bottom was opened, which the driver noticed too. He left. I found out there was a stroller in the box, not the oven.
    I immediately called customer service (the number on the tag). Told them about the mix up on the shipping. Michael, who was very patient, told me I had to return the stroller and order the oven again. I told him no, I wanted him to send me the oven and if he expedited the order, I could be here on Friday when the UPS truck came, I give the driver the stroller and the driver gives me the oven. No matter how nicely I asked, he told me that was impossible!
    I ended up having to order the oven again, pay for it and now in three days I will get the tags for the stroller and have to send it back, I might have to take the UPS box to a UPS store or something if I can't be here when the UPS truck comes.
    To make things worse, my credit card is being charged today for almost twice the price and I will be refunded the difference to make it even with the old price in 3 days. So for a few days, I am being out of twice as much money, I have all these inconveniences, have to wait almost another week for the oven (Michael told me it would not be here until Monday). All this it for no fault of my own, it is not that I ordered the wrong part, changed my mind, or I am extremely picky and complain about a tiny dent on the oven. This is all because of a mistake from Sears, and all the burden of the mistake is placed on me, as if it was my mistake. What kind of customer service is this? Why did I have to pay my phone company for 45 minutes on my cell phone to fix a mistake from the company?

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      Hi, my name is Brian with the Sears Cares team. After reading your post, I can see why you would be upset. Receiving the incorrect item and having to wait longer than expected for the right item as well as a refund would frustrate anyone. We would like to contact you to make sure we make things right.Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (rider73) and phone # used at time of purchase to Again, we apologize and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

      Thank you,

      Brian H.
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  4. Thank you for posting this. I've had a horrible time trying to deal with Sears/Craftsman over the past several months. I received a chainsaw for a gift last June and used it for the first time in September. After using it one time it was not working properly. I took it to a mechanic and he diagnosed it. Based on his diagnosis it should have been covered by my warranty. I sent the chainsaw back to the Sears Service center and they then called me to say that it was user error. That I didn't add oil to the gas, which I definitely did. They first offered to repair it for $170, $70 more than I paid for it. I told them this and they said they could then do it for $150. I told them to send it back to me, so I could get a real mechanic to repair it and I would provide evidence that they were wrong. I then had another person call me from Sears two weeks later. He offered to fix it for $120. First, why would I pay more to fix something then what I bought it for. Second, I told them to ship it back and they chose to hold on to it. I told the customer service representative that I wasn't happy and that I would expect Craftsman to pay for my repairs once I showed evidence that the original diagnosis by my mechanic was correct. He said they would and then said good bye to me and hung up. After not receiving my chainsaw for 3 months I called Sears today and they said that it was still in the process of shipping, but to try to call the service center where I dropped it off. I called them and they said they've had it for awhile. Nobody chose to call me at all. I have sent many many emails to try to reach somebody in customer service that I could express my frustration with, but never received any replies to my emails. This is the worst customer service I've ever seen. Finally, after looking at the reviews for the chainsaw I bought I noticed that there were several people that the same exact thing has happened to (refusal to repair because of not adding oil to gas). Hopefully by sending a letter I can get something done finally.

  5. just thought I would share everywhere I possibly can. People should never make a purchase of any value at Sears. The stores are not the problem, its the delivery and the customer service afterwards that is unbelievable.

    Mr. Edward Lampert
    Sears Holdings
    3333 Beverly Road
    Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
    Dear Mr. Lampert:
    I have never even attempted to write such a letter to the head of a major corporation such as yourself but I felt it was necessary in this case regarding the service I received when returning my Kenmore Elite washer and dryer that I purchased from Sears in Lakeland, FL. I have my doubts this will ever reach your desk but this is necessary to share.
    I would like to start off by saying my in-store purchasing experience was very positive. Pete, the sales associate, was very professional and answered all my questions. The problem is not that I was unsatisfied with the products, it happens, but trying to return the products became a frustrating experience I would not wish upon anyone.
    On December 19, 2013 I contacted the customer service hotline and expressed why I wanted to return the washer and dryer. They scheduled the pick up and arrived on time the morning of December 21, 2013. Unfortunately the pick up company only had paper work for the washer and would not take the dryer as well. I immediately contacted the customer service department again while the driver was still at my home and explained the problem. The lady insisted that I only said to pick up the washer and proceeded to tell me that I was wrong. I asked to speak to the manager on duty but she returned to the phone line multiple times saying they were unavailable, and on my forth attempt asking for a manager she hung up on me all together. After calling back and speaking to two different people, one saying they were the manager, I was scheduled to have both items picked up the following day even though the driver that morning told me he would be able to comeback that afternoon if I straightened it out with Sears. I doubt anyone from customer service contacted the delivery team to see what they could do. At that point I was frustrated and did not want to make any more calls.
    I received a phone call that night scheduling the pickup and no less than 10 minutes later received another phone call (all automated) saying the pickup was cancelled. I immediately called the hotline again and the person I spoke with said there was a mistake and they were still scheduled to pick up both the washer and dryer on Sunday, December 22, 2013. I called Sears Customer service again on Sunday morning and the person said everything was scheduled and confirmed it was for both the washer and dryer. I made sure on every call I made to clarify that it was for both the washer and dryer.
    The drivers arrived 1 hour late, but I even understand that things happen with deliveries and pick up’s. The driver informs me at that time that he only has paperwork to pick up the washer. Fortunately, the driver was very professional and understood the issue and agreed to take both as long as I called his company and explained the situation. On that phone call they informed me there was a pick up for the dryer schedule on December 24th. I cannot understand that. At no point during any of my calls did we discuss a Christmas Eve pick up.
    Then on December 28th I received a partial refund of $802.49. This is not even half of the total cost. Again, I have to call customer service and they tell me I have to call the store. I call the store and the store employee tells me that they only show a dryer being returned and only the delivery company can issue a refund anyways. How is it possible they showed only a dryer was returned after all the paperwork apparently only showed only a washer was to be returned? After several more attempts to reach someone in customer service that can help or provide the number to the delivery service so I can work on my refund I finally received help for the store manager in Lakeland.
    Chuck, at store #01955, asked me about the situation and the details of what I have received and what was still needed. Chuck then called the delivery service himself and had everything straightened out within 10 minutes and called me back with the good news. I am sure that I would still be calling customer service about my refund if it were not for Chuck.
    As a sales professional that relies on customer service myself to help customers with any problems or orders, I am amazed by the lack of professionalism and pure ability to do a simple job by the entire Sears Customer Service hotline. Their number one goal was to get me off the phone as quickly as possible. They would say anything to have me hang up including promising a $100 gift card for use towards purchasing a new washer and dryer set. I urge you to put a little more emphasis on customer service outside of the store. Obviously it is more important to make sure the purchasing experience is ideal and that is why the in-store staff is very good. But the follow up on orders and service should be top notch as well.


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      Hi Michael042g! Thanks so much for sharing your experience on MySears today, allowing us to see some aspects of the return process we can improve upon. I am so sorry to hear of the hassles you had, and am glad your refund was taken care of by Chuck.

      We appreciate you taking the time to post your feedback.


  6. CEO Edward Lampert
    3333 Beverly Road
    Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
    (847) 286-2500

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      Hope CEO contact info is accurate as I will send my a copy of my letter to the BBB - certified mail to Mr. Lambert about my many unresolved issues. Here's my story so you can know why and to learn from my painful (literally and mentally).

      1) fridge was delivered but was not installed - called customer service after 3 hrs of repeating myself to 4 different reps - recd a ticket number but nothing came of it. After multiple follow ups no resolution so I had to go buy the stuff to install myself.

      2) ordered washer and dryer but then sears cancelled order 2 days before delivery. Offered a $50 gift card and 20 percent off coupon supposedly to arrive electronically within 48 hrs. Followed up 4 days after the time frame and was told I can only get $50 or 20 percent off - picked gift card and was told another 48 hours. Long story short, multiple calls with ticket numbers created and its been 4 months and nothing.

      3) mattress ordered in store was keyed incorrectly by associate. Had to go in store myself to get the order fix- manager never once apologized.

      4)a different bed purchased 4 months had indentation which caused discomfort and back pains. Called cust service and of course, no help. Finally called the rep who sold me the mattress in store (the only thing sears did correctly) and he got cust service to get me the infamous ticket number. As expected had to follow up 1 week later MYSELF and they said they will send someone out after 2 weeks. The inspector says there's heavy indentation on one side of the bed when it shouldn't. We weigh less than 130 pounds Each. We paid nearly $1,500 for this king bed. It's been a month since the inspection and 3 WRITTEN follow ups and still Nothing.

      You may wonder why I stuck with sears this long.. I spent over $10k with sears within a 6month time frame so the points from the shop your way rewards accumulated was beneficial. Now that I exhausted it. I quit and will report all this to Better Business Bureau and official letter to CEO. I'm thinking pursuing a case for pain and suffering due to defective product and their unwillingness to replace bed and the stress and time spent talking to customer service.

      This is sears last notice and your additional notice why you should not shop at Sears.

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      Hi there, Orchids111! Thanks for posting on MySears today. I am so sorry to hear of all the problems you had, along with the inconsistent follow up on your open cases. I have passed this along to SearsCares, who will be happy to address all of these issues.

      A team member will be shortly looking to help. Once they post, I will let you know via an email which includes a link back to this thread.


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      Hi Orchids111,

      We'd like to thank you for bringing your mattress, refrigerator and washer and dryer issues to our attention. My name is Susan with the Sears Cares Escalations team. We are a single point of contact for escalated issues which means that you'll work with one dedicated case manager on any issue you may have with us. We'd be more than happy to offer our assistance and speak with you regarding this situation. Please send an email with your contact information (preferably a phone number) to Please include your screen name (Orchids111) for reference to your issue and we look forward to speaking with you soon.


      Susan R.
      Social Media Moderator
      Sears Social Media Support

  7. Vtiwari,
    I too have been wronged by Sears. They are holding $2000.00 of my monies hostage. I have been dealing with this problem since last Aug. Don't give up, because i won't. My family has been using Sears forever, but I'm sure we are done with them. It's too bad they don't care, hopfully RC Willeys will be the new Sears.
    I feel your pain.

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      Hi Bill45555! Welcome to MySears! Thanks for posting this afternoon. I am sorry you are having trouble receiving a refund. I am going to escalate this to the SearsCares team. They will be happy to help.

      A team member will be by shortly. Once they post, I will let you know via email with a link back to this thread so you can view it.


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      We appreciate you reaching out and making us aware of your concerns. We apologize for any frustrations that have been caused during this time as well. My name is Kurt with our Sears Cares Escalation team. We would be more than happy to speak with you directly, so we can better understand your concerns to better assist you. At your convenience, please contact my office via email at so we can help. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number is associated with issue (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide the screen name (Bill45555), you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

      Thank you,
      Kurt M.
      MySears Community Moderator

  8. Dear vtiwari,
    We are sorry that you feel it necessary to speak to our CEO, however we do have teams in place to address virtually all issues. Our office in particular operates on behalf of the CEO’s office, and are more than capable of handling any issue you may have. My name is Brian and I am part of the Executive Sears Cares team. We would like the chance to see what options we have to help at this point. At your earliest convenience please send the following information – contact #, screen name (vtiwari), and phone # used at time of purchase/ issue to We do look forward to speaking with you soon!
    Thank you,
    Brian J.
    MySears Community Moderator

  9. Welcome vtiwari,

    We appreciate you sharing your concerns with us on the MySears Community in wanting to file a complaint!

    We would like to get you in touch with SearsCares, who will be able to help you further.

    Once our Sears Cares team responds, I will notify you via email re-directing you back to your original thread so that you can directly connect with our team.

    Thank you!

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      You can call me and we can discuss