Can’t find p/n for YT3000 lawn tractor FREEWHEELING control (thin metal rod that attaches to transaxle to disengage xmission. I’m replacing a broken bypass lever and O rings (trans oil is leaking) Also, how much and what type of transmission fluid? Can anyone help?

Transaxle is Tufftorq K46BA.


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  1. mwiz,

    I am sorry you are having a problem with the tractor. I will be happy to assist you with the part number for the rod but I will need the model number from under the seat. I can still give you the information on the transaxle. Normally the model K46 & T40A transaxles, that are featured in many tractor & rider models, do not require any servicing for the life of the vehicle. However, if there is a desire to check or add oil, it may be necessary to remove the transaxle from the vehicle in order to access the black cap located under the pulley & fan (on drive shaft).
    After placing the transaxle on a level surface, remove the fan & pulley and pry open the black cap shown in figure #1 below. Oil level should be maintained at 20~25 mm (3/4”~1”) below the lip of (black cap) port, when oil temperature is at room temperature (20C or 68 F).
    If transmission is topped off or refilled, SAE 10w30 grade, non-detergent oil should be poured through the port covered by the black cap. Approx. 2.2 liters of oil will be needed to reach this level. This is dependent on the amount of residual oil remaining in case after draining. Draining of old oil must be done through the same port (covered with the black plug) by inverting transaxle.
    While reinstalling the fan & pulley be sure to place all components on drive shaft in the same order as they were removed.
    As an alternative, Tuff Torq suggest the use of a fully synthetic, SAE 5w50 oil Please let me know if you need further assistance. Please include the model number with the reply, Thanks Mark

      • San Jose, CA

    What is the long model number, found underneath the tractor's seat?