Community Suggestions from Our Members

It has been brought to my attention this weekend that there is some forms of frustration with some of our members.

I would like to reach out on this topic and ask our members “How we can make our Community more user-friendly?”

If possible, please keep it on a more positive note for negative remarks will not help us solve any issues or help in building a stronger Community.

I will start first by letting our members know that our “private messaging” will be added as a feature soon. This will be another great way for our members as well as moderators to reach out on a more private note!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts  so please do not make it into “opening up a can of worms” type of discussion!

Thank you ;)


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  1. WOW! These are wonderful! You guys have been busy since my last time being on.

    So lets see if I can get all this suggestions in one post. Please let me know if I miss any of them.

    1. Posting - having it show who it is addressed to
    2. Possible removal of "helpful votes"
    3. Active threads being displayed
    4. Private Messaging
    5. Display removal or deleted post

    Did I miss anything? It was difficult to follow with some mentioning post disappearing, not sure if in this Community or another.

    Thanks for everyone's input! It was great seeing our member's point of view, for it is very much appreciated!

    We are very excited to make the MySears Community even more tailored to our members needs in the near future.

    Please keep an eye out for the new changes coming soon!

    Thank you everyone ;)

    1. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      1. Yes, I proposed it so I can hardly do anything else.
      2. I beg to differ, it was my understanding that the poster wanted the 'Unhelpful' voting provision removed. I do not agree with that. Further on that subject in the 'Profile' and 'Recent Events' Sears have translated those votes to 'Likes' and 'Dislikes' now to me they are different things, I may not 'Like' something but it may be 'Helpful', a bit like foul tasting medicine.
      3. Active threads, last one responded to at the top of the list, all for it.
      4. Private messaging, Good.
      5.Not sure exactly what you mean, some posts should be removed, no doubt about that but at the moment there is one moderator who removes anything that is not positive towards everything Sears and BigMike has addressed that.
      The posts disappearing are on this site and even in this thread, although that one later re-appeared.

    2. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      Um. This is not going to go over well, but I just read all of these posts on this page, and as I got to the bottom, I started coming back up (when I was done throwing up because I now know for sure what I have suspected for a while, and that is that I will NEVER get my $144 back from Sears...)and I was clicking on the helpful thumbs up buttons and his this one by mistake. Sorry Wendy, but you sound like a Sears cheerleader, and I can't imagine what there is to cheer about, so your post was not helpful at all. Oh my gosh... I am just sick. This has me sick. What the **ck? I thought Sears was supposed to be a good store. I am honestly nauseous. I could have sworn when I got up this morning I was in 2013 USA, and not 1940's Berlin. Removing posts? Are you kidding me??? How can you people work here, seeing this stuff, and knowing what you know? I'm supposed to give out my screen name and phone number to an escalations representative. For what? What is the point of that, exactly? Case management? Why are there cases? There shouldn't BE cases! Just consider having a little tiny bit of ethics, and give us our money back, as fast as we were stupid enough to give it to you!! I am so putting all of this on facebook. I don't have that many friends, only 200 or so, but they're pretty loyal, and we have each others backs. Sears is going to suddenly have a banner month in account closures, while J.C. Penney's suddenly has record new credit accounts. Excuse me while I go throw up again.

  2. One suggestion to improve this board.
    Alter the software so that when a poster offers a reply to another post the system shows to whom the post was addressed

  3. My apologies, I have just notice that the second thread I referenced in my post of 1.28 this morning is a repeat of the first. It should have been:
    Once again my apologies.

  4. Pardon me.
    A post that I thought had been deleted has now 're-appeared'.
    Maybe things are looking up

    1. In response to inquisitivemind

      That post was not there earlier.

    2. In response to inquisitivemind

      A couple more on another thread, one of mine and a response from someone else have now also re-surfaced.
      This gets interesting.

  5. OK That is one post that seems to have survived the censor.
    Now let us try another point.
    There are many instances that have happened to myself, relatives and friends, similar to what are recorded on this site and where basically something goes 'wrong' "customer service" is called or a post is made, the 'Sears Cares' representative makes contact perhaps once, has a few kind words and offers an apology but essentially does nothing towards resolving the problem, or more importantly ensuring that it never happens again. In addition to that calls to the "Sears Cares' rep. go unanswered as to emails. With as many instances of this occurring as they do why should anyone have any faith that they will actually receive some real help.
    I feel I should say, I believe that the 'Experts' who contribute to this site do a good job.

  6. I am with BigMike on this one except that I believe the site's credibility has already been severely damaged, if not destroyed by the amount of censoring carried out.
    Let us see if this post survives, my lengthier, earlier one did not.

  7. First I fully endorse all of BigMike's non personal comments.
    Secondly taking the following two threads as examples:
    then add my own personal similar experiences and those of friends and relatives and perhaps you can see why I am more than just a little skeptical.
    On the 'old' site when a customer complaint was dealt with the thread was 'closed' with a final post from Julie, here it just disappears into the netherworld.
    In view of the above samples, and my own experiences I have had no hesitation in 'down voting' the suggestions from any moderator that a 'Sears Cares Team Member' will assist them. I have similarly dealt with the responses from the 'Sears Cares Team Member' asking for contact details in the firm belief little or nothing will come from it. I have, on very odd occasions 'up voted' the moderators response when I believe the response to have been 'helpful', some I have just left alone.
    Like BigMike I have my doubts that this post will survive. Also like BigMike I would be very happy to see Sears return to something resembling its former self.

  8. Several things come to mind, but I have very little hope that any will be implemented. In fact, I question if this post will even survive

    First, have the treads with new replies return to the top of the list, so that active threads are easily found. When someone posts a reply and the topic stays on page 2 or 3, it is not going to be seen by others.

    Secondly, allow opinions that are not universally positive towards Sears to remain, rather than censoring them and sending them to that great pixel graveyard in the sky. Do not keep the site as the home of positive spin for Sears, because that causes a total lack of credibility

    Third, the moderators should do more that just post cut and paste replies

    Fourth, Sears should pay attention to the negative comments that they get, and use that feedback to improve their service, rather than expecting the customers to accept poor and delayed service.

    Note that I am a former Sears Roebuck employee (in the 1970’s) who now owns my own business. I was a loyal Sears shopper for many years, having spend at least $80,000 on Craftsman tools alone. I no longer shop at Sears, because of poor customer service and the attitude that the Sears can unilaterally change the terms of a warranty.

    I would love to see Sears return to what it once was, where customer service and satisfaction were priorities, and because of that desire, I continue to post here. I do not think it will happen, but one can have hope

    1. In response to BigMike4511

      Reference your third paragraph above.
      May I suggest that you check the thread:
      There are at least two posts that have now gone missing, one of yours and one of mine. Both made, essentially, the same observation of different posts by Sears associates.

    2. In response to BigMike4511

      What could be happening is someone is flagging comments. One of my kids is a moderator on a genealogy site and a flagged comment will disappear from the thread. Sometimes she will put it back into the thread sometimes she deletes it completely.

      Not sure if that is what is happening but it could explain it.

      On my daughters site if someone flags too much the flagger is removed from the site.

    3. In response to BigMike4511

      ServiceLocally - It could be like that. My post above that disappeared and then re-appeared 'went' as soon as I hit 'post' and a note appeared saying something like 'this message has been removed'. I distinctly remember it was 'removed' not 'deleted'. I thought that it might contain some automatic trigger.
      The two that disappeared in another thread were there for a couple of days, disappeared for a couple of days and are now back again.
      The last two that have disappeared, one of BigMike's and one of mine, were very slightly critical of the postings of two different Sears associates. Heck I even 'up voted' the associate whose post I was very slightly critical of because I believed it to be 'helpful'.

  9. I've posted the suggestion approximately two years ago, but the idea took a beating from the thumbs down groupies.
    I still think the idea has some decent merit and may possibly help with the MySears image and any posted negativity, deposited in the form of excessive thumbs down pressing on otherwise supportive and helpful interactions between SHC personnel an other community members.

    I hope you find new ideas and vision from many members who truly care!

    1. In response to TheTradesman

      Hmm, a glitchy posting above?

      I did post more than what is seen!

      Please check out my question posted titled as:
      "Recent Activities Ticker-Tape"
      I posted additional material that
      should fit well within the new question of yours.
      It deals with the negative impact that excessive
      thumbs down pressing may have on our community.