Concerns with the shipment of the incoming PlayStation 4

I’m a first time customer at Sears, and I am concerned with the lack of shipping information of the incoming PlayStation 4 that is expected to arrive on 11/15/2013. I was reading past threads where one individual had immense trouble secruing a Wii U last year and I hope this does not happen with the impending PlayStation 4 release.
I spoke to customer service, but said that when the Sears warehouse receives shipment of the consoles they will ship them, but they were growing rumors as mentioned on the thread I have provided that Sears was holding on shipping the console Wii U after black friday. As a concerned first customer, I hope that Sears is much more prepared to handle the orders of those who have pre-ordered thier game consoles months ahead of time. I am looking for reassurance that I chose the right place to order from. My order numer is: 547153436. I hope to have a smooth process in receiving my shipment in a manageable timeframe.


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  1. I ordered mine from the Kmart store on July 1st and never got mine shipped... I used to work at Kmart and talked to someone I used to work with she said they had 7 in store today for anyone to buy..... I called customer care and they could not answer me to why stores had any in stock if they didn't fill all the per orders. I'm beyond mad about this.... also today I could order one from Kmart in a bundle and it said it would be delivered by the 20th so I called again and they told me the warehouse is out of stock and they are waiting for more systems from Sony. All I know is they better be giving everyone that per ordered and didn't get their system a free game or online card or something of their choice to make it up to all of us.

  2. Order # 521385400

    I preordered on June 22nd and recieved a cancelation email last night at 9:18pm. After calling customer service and being told it was probably a glitch that canceled my order or the fact I have a different shipping address than compared to my billing address (due to the fact it is a gift for someone else) That my order was canceled and there was nothing they could do. At 1:00am I recieved another email stating that my order was canceled but to call back to reinstate it. I called back and was told "they" had found some PS4 available and my order was reinstated and by the time I got off the phone I would have my confirmation email with shipping details. An hour went by no email. I call back a third time had the call esclated to be told no it was not reinstated that there are "many" customers with the same issue I am having and they need 48 hours to try to locate some PS4 stock and will reinstate the orders if possible.

    This is ridiculous!!!

  3. Hey All! Thanks for posting your concerns about your PS4 pre-orders. A handful of emails were sent out in error the other day regarding cancelled orders. I would recommend checking your "Order Status" page on This will provide you with more information on your specific order.


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      Order # 521385400

      I preordered on June 22nd and recieved a cancelation email last night at 9:18pm. After calling customer service and being told it was probably a glitch that canceled my order or the fact I have a different shipping address than compared to my billing address (due to the fact it is a gift for someone else) That my order was canceled and there was nothing they could do. At 1:00am I recieved another email stating that my order was canceled but to call back to reinstate it. I called back and was told "they" had found some PS4 available and my order was reinstated and by the time I got off the phone I would have my confirmation email with shipping details. An hour went by no email. I call back a third time had the call esclated to be told no it was not reinstated that there are "many" customers with the same issue I am having and they need 48 hours to try to locate some PS4 stock and will reinstate the orders if possible.

      This is ridiculous!!!

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      @welovecommunity. Will we be getting our orders today? Especially since I could have gotten elsewhere last night and I had faith. And I cannot get a refund since I ordered back in August.

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      Good Afternoon,

      My name is Chris Jones; I have been apart of your Kmart/Sears loyalty program since August 21, 2013. That date is also a date that I set forth and pre-ordered a PlayStation 4 from you online site, Once inputting all of my personal information as well as my credit card info, I was advised that my order was complete and that I would be charged on the release of the PlayStation 4, which was 11/15/13. The order number I was provided with is as follows: 549518541

      I thought all was fine and well, and even a month later or so, I had a chat with one of your companies representatives via the online chat, who advised me the same. Fast forward to 11/13/13, I wake up around 5:50 am, Monday through Friday, and I often check my bank account. You know to see what cleared, and what’s pending on my account. On the card that I provided with, I noticed a $421.99 charge pending from whom you ask. Yes At first I was a little startled, because I thought I wouldn't be charged until 11/15/13, in which I was advised when I first made the purchase, as well as by the online representative I spoke with via online chat. Nevertheless, I didn't think anything of it, I was actually a little excited, because I knew the release was approaching, and the purchase was becoming surreal for me.

      Next thing I usually do daily, is check my various email accounts, and on this very email account that I am messaging you from now, I got a email from Inside of this email, I was advised that my order was cancelled. Not only was I saddened by this, but also I was extremely confused because, as I just mentioned I had a pending charge from on my bank account. I then immediate called at 1.877.235.9959 early, around 6:15 am, and I was advised that this was some sort of error. The gentleman I spoke with advised me that there was an issue that was aware of, and that technical team was working on, and trying to fix this error. He then advised me that he would put a ticket into the system for me, and have someone from the tech team contact me via email, within 2 hours. I said fine, thanks, and patiently awaited this email.

      After not hearing anything for several hours, I then called back to the number I dialed initially, 1.877.235.9959 (which by this time it was 12 noon) and got another young man to assist me. He however, didn’t advise me that there was any type of error that he knew of, and that it appeared to him that my order was indeed cancelled. He stated, "that it was messed up, and that I did everything right, and that he has no idea why my order was cancelled". His only resolution (besides, that’s messed up, and I'm sorry sir) for this issue was to call another number and voice a complaint, because this whole transaction and my order being cancelled wasn’t fair to me the customer.

      I then called the number he provided me, which was 1.800.549.4505, option 5 at approximately, 5:05 pm, I got a young woman by the name of Jenny on the line, and I explained what was going on, and asked her again why was my order cancelled. She stated that she didn't know, apologized again, and said she would call over to the online team, and get some answers for me. I patiently waited for her to comeback on the line, which took about 5-7 minutes, and she stated that the online side was down, ad that she couldn't provide me with any information, she apologized again, gave me a case number 1903559, and asked that I call back in a hour.

      I didn't however wait a hour, I called back about 40 minutes later and got a young woman again, by the name of Angel. Now she was very professional, apologized to me for all of my issues, used her active listening skills and seemed 100 percent genuine. She stated that it wasn't right for me to be pre-authorized for the amount, just for my order to be cancelled, and stated that she would get me escalated up, and try and figure something out. She placed me on hold, and then contacted the online side of operations, and I got on the line a young man, by the name of Joseph or Jonathan, honestly I can’t recall. He stated, and read directly from a email that he said he just received, that "256 customers got the email in error, and that it would be fixed within 24 hours," and that I would get another email. He advised me not to worry, and that I would be taken care of. So I hung up, feeling relaxed and patiently awaited my email. This is all what happened on 11/13/13.

      After 24 hours came and went I then called back to, and got another women, who wasn't the best person to speak with, due to her unconcerned voice tone, and lack of comprehension. She then got me escalated to another women named Cynthia who was extremely unsure of her self, and you could tell. She was flustered throughout the call, not by anything I said or did however, and placed me on hold several times. Once off hold, I explained to her that I did everything right and that none of this was my fault. I explained to her that I pre-ordered this console, so I wouldn't have to stand in line for hours to receive this item come 11/15/13. I also explained to her how I was screwed now by because not only am I not getting my pre-order console anymore, but now I cant even go stand in line, with the rest of the crazies because my money was tied up in a pre-authorization from I then asked her did she see that as being fair, she said no, and said "let me place you on a brief hold while I try and figure something out." What this something was, I don't know, but I said OK. Now by this time its 730 pm on 11/14/13, and she placed me on hold, I kid you not, for a solid 25 minutes. I had time to go inside to Hy-Vee make some purchases, walk back to my car and drive home. Once inside my house I sat the phone down, and put it on speakerphone, and I was shortly disconnected. The hold I was placed on exceeded 30 minutes easy, please check her hold times that day, I'm sure you'll see them rather high.

      I then called back about 30 minutes later, and by this time I am upset, frustrated, and I only want to speak to a manager. I then was escalated up to a Marie or Maria, I cant recall her name, but she was everything but delightful to speak to. She started the conversation with a tone of, "this is what happens when you pre-order things, and unfortunately sir, there's nothing we can do about it." Mind you, I haven't really even said anything; she just leads in the conversation with those statements. I asked her about the pre-auth, and why I was charged, in which she said she didn't know, but it was just a pre-auth and it would fall off within 24-48 hours, or 3-5 days. First, what kind of time frame is that "24-48 hours or 3-5 days" how about we just lead with 5 days at the longest? I asked her how did she find this fair to treat customers this way, and to tie their money up like this. She stated, "This happens every year sir." I said this happens every year. Moreover, your company hasn’t figured out a better way to conduct business, she said “no. She then stated that I could call my bank with her on the line, and we she would advise them to release the charges. I then asked her "who's bank is open at 8:00 pm," and she responded with "mines is, its open 24 hours a day, I can just call them up."

      Which is a great way to calm down an angry customer, I'm sure her learning facilitator would be extremely proud of her training, with that response. After that statement, I became upset, and demanded her manager. She advised me that she was the highest I could go up on the phones, and that there are no other managers. After going round and round with her, I finally was placed on hold, which by the way wasn't hold, because there was no hold music. Which at this point, I was extremely familiar with, since I had been placed on hold some many times before. But instead I was placed on mute while she did whatever she did, which I know placing customers on mute cannot be apart of procedures. She then came back off mute, and I asked her why she'd put me on mute. She stated that she needed to place me on hold, and that the mute was the best thing for her to do. Which I know is not the truth, but at this point, whatever. She then stated that she would get me to her manager, who she stated 10 minutes prior in the phone call didn't exist.

      I was then transferred up to her manager, named Cassandra. Cassandra pretended to listen to me, by placing me on mute once again, as I explained the situation. How do I know I was on mute, because the whole time I was talking, I was taking small pauses in my story to try to articulate to her of everything accurately? While I was taking these pauses normally, if someone is actively listening to you, you will hear verbal nods, like "ok", "umm-hmm", "yes”,"continue", or everyone's favorite "I definitely understand". However, not was Cassie, she let me vent, and once I was finished an awkward 4-5 second silence was present. I mean it was so long, that I had to say "Hello" because I thought I might have been disconnected. She then jumped into the conversation, bring all of her background noise with her, that wasn't present the whole time I was speaking, which confirmed another mute being used which is not procedural.

      After realizing this, and her half heartened effort of listening wasn't even done correctly, I asked for her manager, and she then again stated that she was the highest up I could go, and that I would have to contact corporate for further information. Again, I informed her that's what the last person said, and then I got you. Now please let me speak to your manager, and she stated "No", and that "I would never get any type of compensation for this," and that all she had to offer was a apology.

      Now she could of been telling the truth, but how can you expect a customer, who's been getting lied to, and or mislead (whichever one makes you feel better) habitually to believe her. I was lied to about when I would be charged, I was lied to about my order being cancelled, I was lied to about it being a mistake, and that I would still receive my PlayStation 4, I was lied to about Marie or Maria being the most senior representative at the company, that I could speak to. I mean ever time I turned around I was lied to, and guess what as of 11/18/13 my bank account still has a pending charge of 421.99, with no PlayStation 4 and no way of going to try and purchase one from another vendor. Instead, I was misleading, lied to, and crippled by your company and now all I can do is sit here, and wait for my money to be replaced into my account. 3-5 days has came and went ladies and gentleman, and I still don't have my money back, and my bank advised me that there was nothing they could do, to contact Which made it clear that there's nothing that they can do, and to call my bank. What a never-ending story minus the giant white flying dog. To say I am disappointed would be a tremendous understatement, and to say that I would ever shop and or recommend Sears/Kmart to anyone I know would be even more of a lie then Kmart has put me through these last 5 days.

      Thanks leaders in poor customer service, and horrible procedural skills.

      Warms Regards,

      Chris Jones. Order number 549518541, Case Number 1903559, Pre-Sell number 018-w006374751001

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      Hey there, Chris! I am so sorry about all the trouble you have had trying to get your pre-ordered PS4. I can understand your frustration.

      Please continue to work with customer service on your case.


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      What customer serivce???? They wont assist me any further....

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      wow a very similar experience to mine but i can't believe Julie has the audacity to tell you to continue to work with Customer Service with this case. INCREDIBLE!!! SEARS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HOW THEY CONDUCT BUSINESS AND TREAT THERE REMAINING CUSTOMERS

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      like many others i pre ordered a ps4 on june 28, 2013. i receaved an email on november 14 saying the order was cancelled. when i emailed and asked why this was the response
      "Thank you for contacting I am sorry to hear that your order for Playstation has been canceled. I am here to assist you.

      I am sorry to inform you that your order was not fulfilled. We have canceled the order due to the item being out of stock you chose a very popular item. While our inventory is updated, our website serves customers throughout the entire country, it is typical that several customers will have the same item in their cart. Inventory is again verified after the order is submitted. It can happen that more orders are submitted than we can complete.

      Please wait for 7-10 business days for shop your way points to reflect into your account."

      having preorderd the amount of stock is irrelevant. needless to say i still don't have a ps4 as sears seems unable to do anything.

  4. Sears just cancelled my order that I placed on August 10 th. The reason stated in the email is that they could not verify my information. What information?? This is the same SEARS credit card I have used to purchase items online and in store since August. I also caled three times inquiring about a ship date and three times they told me that the PS4 would ship November 15th. If there were information to verify, shouldn't they have done it one of the three times I called. Now, two days before launch, I get an email stating that my order is cancelled. BAD CHOICE TO PREORDER WITH SEARS! They will be hearing from me and this is just my first avenue of going public.

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      Same thing happened to me, I received a email at 1am stating that they needed to verify info on my credit card and that my order was saved in my cart. So I checked the cart nothing there, also called cmr. svc. they stated my order was cancelled due to the high demand. OMG cancelled due to high demand what a bunch of ****. I ordered this item in August now its Nov. Sears Kmart you suck.

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  5. Hi there, andy1673! Welcome to MySears! I bet your PlayStation 4 will be delivered on time! Let us know if you don't have a confirmed ship date by the November 15th release date. If that is the case, we will do what we can to research your order.

    Keep us posted!

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      by delivered on time do you mean delivered on release date or just get the email on the release date

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      I placed my order back on the 22nd of Aug. for a PS4, and was notified that my order was cancelled as of yesterday, shortly after midnight. I then called and spoke to someone at 6 am, who stated there was sum sort of technical error, and he would put a ticket in to the tech team, and I would get a response withi 2 hours via email. Nothing came, I then called back at 1230pm that same day, and got the run around and a apology, and to call another number and voice a complaint. I then called that number I was advised at 5pm, and they said they had a tech issue all online support systems were upgrading and that I woe have to call back in a hour. I called back in a hour, spoke with Angel I believe her name was, and she put forth a tremendous effort to get to the bottom of this situation. She escalated me up to a couple different people, who then advised me that I would s get my PS4, and that there was some sort of technical issue, I should recieve an email in 24 hours.

      Now the confusing thing is, the original ema said my order was cancelled, however my bank account says otherwise, since I was charged already. And I have yet to reiceve that email that I was originally promosied over 36 hours ago.

      CAse number - 1903559

      Hopefully someone can provide me with some answers and a tracking number, if all what I was advised yesterday is true.

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      Mine actually says shipped as of today but no tracking #. so i called and they said that it was an error and my order should be stated cancelled. I ordered on August 13. So looks like there is no clue on what they are doing here

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      So yours originally showed cancelled? And where did you see that at? On your order center screen?

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      JulieK I bet you lost your bet