Congratulation Sears!!!!!

You are a HORRIBLE company about to go out of business. This is very well deserved based on the HORRIBLE customer service you offered me and lots of other people. I will be celebrating when the Going Out of Business signs are on your windows. You are HORRIBLE. (Read my previous posts if you need details).

Jan 10, 2014 8:13am by Richard Davies, ABC News:
“Sears and K-Mart stores are facing major questions about their future plans after their parent company reported dismal sales for the holiday shopping season. Sears Holdings says it expects a loss of as much as $914 million for 2013. The struggling retailer also says its sales from stores open at least a year fell 7.4 percent for the quarter in the United States. Sears shares plunged in after-hours trading, falling nearly 14 percent.”


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  1. Thanks for posting your feedback, 99slc93. I am sorry to hear we were unable to come to a satisfactory resolution with you on your case.

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