Convection oven taking too long to cool down??

We just purchased a Kenmore Glass Top Convection range from our local Sears store this weekend. We used it for the first time Saturday night and had it at 400 degrees. We had shut the oven off and we noticed that after an hour it was still very hot. We turned it back on and the temp was registering at over 230 degrees. Is this normal for a convection oven to take so long/go so slow to cool down?


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  1. lolamac: The oven cavity will be warm to hot after just 60 minutes of shutting it off when the temperature was at 400 degrees. The oven is well insulated and it could take 2-3 hours to completely cool. If the oven cavity never cools completely down after 2-3 hours, then I would call for service. I hope this information is helpful.

  2. Welcome, lolamac! Thanks so much for posting your question today. Congratulations on your new range purchase. That is a beautiful appliance! I am going to send your concern on to the Appliance Experts. One of them will be able to follow up right here letting you know about the time range for your oven to cool down.

    A response will be published soon from one of the Experts. Once it is, I notify you via email so you can view the answer.


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      This is the Model # 92803

      Thank you.

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      Oh and we opted not to purchase the warranty that the sales man was offering. So hopefully if something is indeed wrong with it, we're not out almost $900.00.