Craftman Garage Door Opener (Model 139.53910D) does not work with keypad (Model 139.53754-01). What is the problem?


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  1. Hello ChenXia, The process is easy and simple by using a stepladder and having the keyless with you on the stepladder. You can programing of the keyless control can be accomplished by using the learn button to program the control to the logic board. Use a step ladder and holding the keyless in your hand, press and release the learn button on the overhead control and the led should glow steadily for 30 seconds. Within that 30 period of time when the LED is glowing, enter a 4 digit code into the keyless entry and press and hold the enter button until the lights on the overhead unit blink. Then release the button and the code has been learned and can be tested. The keyless car control is programmed the same way, just press the learn button and while the LED is glowing press the large button the the keyless car control until the opener lights blink and it is also learned. Hope this helps you out. Bill

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      I tried that but gets no response from Garage Opener. That maske me feel if my garage opener supports keyless pad or not.

      BTW, my car's remote controls do work.

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      ChenXia, if the car remote work then the keyless pad is supported. However I would recommend that you deleate all the memory on the overhead and reprogram the keyless and the car remotes back into the overhead. press and hold the learn button until the LED goes out, around 6 seconds and the memory is erased, and can be reprogrammed. Bill

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      When I enter 4 codes and hold the enter button, the light never turn on, no click sound either.

      I was wondering if the kayless pad model is compatible with my garage door opener. Can someone tell me?

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      ChenXia, Thank you for the updated information. From the description you give I suspect the control board is the problem. From the description you give the Learn LED doe not ever glow. The LED light should also blink out any potential error codes. If the door sensors are discconnected then the LED should blink 1 time or if they are misaligned then the LED should blink 4 times. If the Lear LED will not illuminate then I suspect the control in the opener. The Learn LED should illuminate when pressed.