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  1. I am sorry you are having a problem with the pressure washer. If the engine is stalling under a load I recommend checking the fuel supply first. If the fuel is older than 5 weeks old it should be drained. Then fill the tank with fresh fuel. If the fuel is fine, I suspect the main jet is partly plugged. The main jet meters the fuel entering the engine. If it is partly plugged, the engine will not get enough fuel and die under a load. Usually cleaning the carburetor will cure this problem.

    I hope this is helpful. Mark

  2. Hi bostonpedro! Thanks for posting today! Let's see if we can have a Tool expert help with this one. Check back on the thread soon for a response.

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    The machine's owner's manual indicates the following items as being possible causes of engine shut downs:

    1. Engine rocker switch set to off (0)position.
    2. Dirty air cleaner.
    3. Out of fuel.
    4. Stale fuel.
    5. Spark plug wire not connected to spark plug.
    6. Badspark plug.
    7. Water in fuel.
    8. Excessivelyrich fuel mixture.