Craftsman garage door opener Problem with both remotes and keypad

Craftsman garage door opener model number 41A5483–2B dated 09/04. Both remotes and the outside keypad have started to not work most of the time. The fact that they work some of the time confuses me. I unplugged the unit and plugged it back in to try to reset. I tried using the learn button and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t work. Could the logic board need replacing after 10 years? Does it make sense to replace an item like that or buy a new unit?


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  1. Thank you for your question. Periodic or intermittent problems can be difficult to pin down. It is unusual to have the intermittent problem with both the remotes and outside keypad. Is the keypad wireless or is it connected to the main unit by a wire? The 41A number is the part number of the logic board and is not the model number. The model number should start with a 139. I suspect the problem is with the main unit and not the remotes/keypad.

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      The keypad is wired. The model number is 139 5398511

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      If the keypad is wired then the white and red wire can be removed and joined together for a moment to see if the door will open/close consistantly. To program the keyless entry press and hold the Learn button. The light should come on for 30 seconds. Within the 30 seconds select a new 4 digit Pin then press and hold the Enter button. The unit light should blink when the code is learned. I hope this helps.

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      I appreciate your efforts to help me. I already tried the learn process with the keyless entry but it did not respond. The opener ALWAYS works when I use the button on the wall. I was able to have the system re-learn the remote clicker frequency BUT then the clicker still only works sometimes.

      Do you think replacing the logic board may be required?

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      I meant to say the button on the wall inside. (Not the keyless entry)

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      Since the opener works when the button is pressed then the problem will likely be with the logic board. Intermittent problems are difficult to pin down. Check for loose connections and make sure the batteries for the remotes are fresh. Does the antenna wire look okay? If all looks okay then the replacing the logic board is the next option.

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      I heard the logic board is fairly easy to replace on my own. Do you agree?

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      Hi Home350wner,
      If you have checked the items listed above the Fred has mentioned the board is likely the problem and to assist in the replacement of the board here is a link,
      I hope this helps you out


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      Thank you very much. I watched the logic board replacement video and the door force adjustment video. They were very helpful. I plan to buy a logic board and install it.

      Thank you again for your help !!

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      I replaced the logic board and put new batteries in the remote clickers. There has been no change.

      I am actually not sure if the keypad outside my garage is wired or not wired, but I assume it would not effect whether the clickers work. I know how to learn it, but it does not learn.

      The manufacturer thinks it could be frequency interference. But I turned off all circuit breakers except for the one for the garage and it still has problems. The unit works fine when I press the wall button inside the garage. The clickers work sometimes. (I have to be close to the unit and sometimes press the clicker about eight times to get the door to open). Sometimes I can't get the clickers to work.

      As I said I replaced the logic board which included a new antenna. Are there any other electronics hidden inside the unit that could be faulty?

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      We are running out of options. Outside interference might be the culprit. Are there any antennas nearby? Do your neighbors have similar problems? The problem with the intermittent remote clickers points to signal interference.

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      Per my last question, are there other electronics in the unit that I can't see that might be related to reception issues?

      How do I determine if the keypad outside is wired or wireless? I see one screw. If I remove that one screw will the cover come off?

      I don't know the answer to your questions above about my neighbors and antennas nearby. If that is the problem what do you suggest? Will a new unit have similar problems?

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