CRAFTSMAN lawn mower 550 series Briggs & Stratton Mod # 917.384420 won’t start gas leaks from behind bulb

When push primer 3 times, gas leaks from behind from a white part (?) air comes out from there too even if there is no gas on the tank.It looks like gasoline does not reach the carburator and whatever goes I try to force with the bulb comes out from that white part…Is this some sort of bleeder? I have warranty left for 10 more mos. how can I know if the warranty covers this problem? I “talked” via chat to Caroline Ramirez from SEARS and “she” (mostly generic answers) could not give me any light about this problem I used only 10 times at the most.

I have a picture to show where the gas leaks from…how can I post it here?


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  1. Gas leaks out of hole in the primer bulb because the needle on the float inside the carburetor does not stop the flow of gasoline into the float bowl. The bowl overfills with gasoline and the fuel goes up into the carburetor and probably into the oil as well. Check the oil before running the engine and if there is fuel in the oil, change the oil.

    Gasoline leaks out of the primer hole because the needle on the float inside the carburetor is not stopping the flow The problem is usually caused by debris from the fuel line between the fuel tank and the carburetor getting into the seat in the carburetor where the needle valve on the float assembly stops the flow of fuel into the carburetor. A defective float in the carburetor can also cause this.

    You can probably repair the problem by removing the carburetor from the engine. Remove the fuel bowl on the bottom of the carburetor. Remove the float and needle being careful to not lose the needle or spring if it has one. Clean the debris from the seat that the needle goes into.

    Replace the fuel line from the fuel tank to the carburetor. The debris usually comes from the deteriorating fuel line.

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