Cyber Monday is today! Are you going to be shopping today?

It’s a HUGE shopping day today! Will you take advantage of the Cyber Monday deals? I know I will! It’s a good time to crank out some Christmas shopping and getting great savings on many items.

What’s on your list today?


3 answers

  1. I plan to do lots of shopping, but not from Sears/Kmart! Messy stores, underwhelming prices, and awful customer service! Amazon gets all of my money this year. =)

    1. In response to Tiredofthis

      Welcome, Tiredofthis! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us today. I am sorry that you feel this way about Sears. We are always looking to hear honest feedback from our loyal customers, and I appreciate you taking the time to let us know yours.

      Is there anything we could do to help you today?

  2. I am planning to do some shopping this afternoon. Stocking stuffers, PJs, and undergarments everyone needs are on my list this year. Our dog has eaten a number of my husband's socks so I will be looking for a good deal on men's socks today!

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