Delivery and Pickup not complete since May 28th

I had a Craftsman Garden Tractor delivered May 28th. The day of delivery the deliveryman said his truck was full and would have to return to pickup my old craftsman tractor which I had ready for pickup. I heard nothing for several days so I called delivery and they setup a new pickup for today Sunday June 2nd. I did get a call Saturday eve with a 12 noon – 2pm window for pickup. I then got a call from the deliveryman saying it would be later than 2pm before they could pick it up. I am writing this at 6:15 pm Sunday eve and no pickup was made. I would like to make it clear the pickup of the old tractor was a major factor in the sale of the new item. The ease of getting rid of the old tractor if nothing else was a big point of this sale. Could someone explain whom I need to contact with this issue since after two tries the delivery team route isn’t working very well. Thanks for you time on this issue.


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      • San Jose, CA

    Glad to hear you got your delivery and old unit pickup issues resolved.

    Enjoy that new Garden Tractor.

    They at the top of the tractor capabilities pyramid.

    Don't forget that the first oil change comes up pretty quickly and is designed to allow clean oil, without any manufacturing debris circulating in it to be used in your machine's engine.

    Oil is good. Clean, fresh oil is better.

  1. Please except my apology and be assured my faith in Sears has been renewed.
    The deliverymen showed up at 7:30 pm on a Sunday to pickup my Tractor which was after I sent the question. Thanks my worries have been answered I appreciate the effort.

    1. In response to sidsears

      Yeah!! That is great news!

      We appreciate you letting us know and we hope you enjoy your new Garden Tractor!

      Have a great evening!

  2. Hi sidsears!

    We are sorry that you tractor has not been picked up as planned!

    We would like to help by having one our SearsCares team members contact you. Please check back periodically for a team member will be responding requesting additional information so that they may help you further.

    Thank you!

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