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  1. My store removed them from display last week and sent them back.

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      According to the notice the subject machines were manufactured between Feb 2010 and November 2011 which means that your store had stock at least a year old-----Interesting.

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      Most of those models were still being sold as the report mentions They were being sold between April to December 2012

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      Civsci - "Most of those models were still being sold as the report mentions They were being sold between April to December 2012."
      Would you like to re-consider that statement in view of the report which states that they were manufactured between Feb 2010 and November 2011 and that they were sold between April 2010 and December 2012.
      My reading of that is any washer being offered for sale in December 2012 was AT LEAST 1 year old. You may understand it to mean something else but I am afraid I fail to follow your reasoning.
      Now should my reasoning be correct it would mean, to me at least, that Sears inventory control was/is to say the least leaving much to be desired. Holding stock of that nature,for at least a year, come on!

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      The displays were originally sent to stores over a year ago. They were discontinued a few months ago when the new models were coming out. Any models that hadn't already been sold off before the stop sale took place were taken off salesfloors to be addressed by technicians and have the new warning sticker applied regarding waterproof garments being spun. With the full recall, it's being sent back to the manufacturer. It's not stock per se, it's the display. We don't rotate display models every few months or anything. It's on the floor until it's discontinued and sold off. Civsci's situation is the same as at my store, and many other stores throughout the country.

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      You can find proof of all those LG models being sold as recently as Black Friday by our competitors if you dig deep enough into their Black Friday offerings.

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      Models - WT5101HW and WT5101HV are also still being actively sold on the internet by some dealers.

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      Civsci - "Models - WT5101HW and WT5101HV are also still being actively sold on the internet by some dealers.".
      Which, according to the recall notice, is illegal.

      BCGIMA - Thank you for that information.
      However I believe that you are still missing the point.
      Although the display models may well have been 'on the floor' considerably longer than anything else in stock the youngest models 'in stock' would still have been over a year old if production ceased in November 2011. Would you not agree?

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      Ah, gotcha. Stock actually ran out pretty much on schedule. Seems the inventory control team actually did an extremely good job. Based on earlier sell-through rates, they judged accurately how many they'd need to cover the gap between production end and introduction of the next year's model. And, by ordering that large number up front, it allowed for greater discounts on the merchandise being ordered, which allowed for better pricing for the customer. The age of the item in the box wouldn't have affected anything, except perhaps the amount of dust on the outside of the box. Inventory control at Sears, especially for appliances, has been much leaner and more efficient than in the past.

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      BCGIMA - Should what you say be accurate I would have to agree with you.
      However I would query the financial advantage gained by SHLD in the long run as the inventory would have to be financed 'somewhere along the way', be it by the manufacturer who just adds it to the basic cost, or SHLD who may get a discount for the bulk order but have to pay finance charges to get it.
      Either way it is an interesting discussion - Thanks

  2. Any bets that anyone calling a Sears Service center will be told there is no recall or that they are unaware of any problems.

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      I'm sure they will be given the runaround, the endless loop of despair. Then they will in up with Sears India, where the call service people have no idea what a recall even means. And everyone will end up frustrated.

      I think the main problem is these washers are too light because they are imported. If there is room for one underneath, a good old fashioned cinderblock might do the trick.

      They still need to contact Sears to get the sticker and insert and hopefully they won't need to have a tech come out to do that.

  3. Hi All!

    If any of you owns a washer affected by this recall, please let us know! We can connect you with the Sears Home Service team so they can have someone come out to get this taken care of quickly. Just send an email to Thanks!