Did I really get charged a $40.50 restock fee to place a TV back onto the floor of the department?

We returned a TV less than 24 hours from original purchase because the thickness of the TV is more than we are looking for to hang flush on our wall. There was not a floor model on display, so we purchased the TV in the box based upon good product reviews. The TV, which was simply sitting on the floor in the department, was returned today and we were charged a $40.50 restocking fee! This is completely unacceptable and Sears will no longer be a candidate in my future purchases with this type of “customer service”. This is very unfortunate as I’ve done business with Sears for several years.


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    Did you purchase your TV anytime close to a "big game" of any sort?

    I know you will find this hard to believe. But, some people, referred to as "renters" by store associates "buy" items and return them after a big game, during a heat-wave, and at the beginning of Spring Clean Up time.

    Sadly, this poisons the atmosphere of trust with many store sales people, who have their sale credit "removed" when the rental items are returned to the store.

    Your return may have been caught up in a wave of such suspect returns.

    I'm sure the Department or Store Manager will be able to work with you to verify the non-use part of your specific return.

    It's not a "rental" if it hasn't been used.

    Good luck.

  1. Hi cje1221! Welcome to MySears! According to our Return and Exchange policy, you should only be charged a restocking fee if the item has been used, is not in it's original packaging or is missing parts. Because it sounds like you just took it out of the box and did not use the TV, you should not have been charged that fee. I would recommend heading back to your local store and speaking to the store manager. I am sure s/he will be able to help.

    Let us know how things go!

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      It was definitely not used, it wasn't even completely removed from the box! We had the same sales associate process the return as sold it to us, but she was adamant that the return policy included the restocking fee we were charged. I will absolutely head back over to speak with the manager and hopefully come to reasonable conclusion.
      Thank you much for your response.