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  1. doot48 thank you for your question. More detail and a model number would help me give you the best and most accurate answer. With a model number I may be able to provide specific checks to make and how to make them with the intent of letting you solve this problem and save the cost of a service call. Some things to consider. The display lights should be illuminated. You should be able to select any cycle or option. The dishwasher should do something. It might fill but not wash or it might wash but not drain. If the dishwasher will not fill, wash or drain then the door switches might be at fault. If it will fill but nothing else then the control/timer or motor might be the problem. Most newer units have a circulation motor and a drain motor. Please reply with a model number and a few details about the problem you are having and I will be happy to assist you solve this problem.

  2. Hi, doot48. Welcome to MySears! I am sorry to hear your dishwasher will not start. Can you please reply with the make and model of your dishwasher so one of our Experts can assist you with this issue?

    Look forward to helping you with this further!

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