Do NOT do business with Sears. I am probably the least litigious person I know and tomorrow I will be filing a claim in small clams court against them. Our dishwasher, under warranty, has been broken for 3 months. We have had 8 service calls, taken off 40 hours of work to wait for service people to show up- often they arrived many hours late, with no ID badges, incorrect parts and only one has ever left us a receipt. One time we waited 5 hours and the person never showed up at all. They scratched our new hardwood floor, made us pay for a service call despite the warranty (and have still not reimbursed us) and the dishwasher still does not work. I finally reached someone in executive offices, Samantha, who was understanding, gave me a case number and said she would work to get it replaced and would call me in 1-3 days. That was about 2 weeks ago and I never heard from her again. Please beware of doing business with them, they are unprofessional and do not care about their customers.


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  1. You might want to read number 15, before you file.

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      This link does not work when pasted into my browser.

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      I was able to access this and read #15. This poses no problem as all we want is what is fair and equitable and that is for our machine to be replaced, period.

  2. Ctaillac, my name is Liz and I am a member of the Sears Cares Escalations team. I saw your comment and wanted to reach out to you to offer our assistance. We are very sorry to hear that you are having such a frustrating experience with your dishwasher repair. We truly understand how disappointed you may be with the delayed response from your case manager. At your earliest convenience, please send the following information – contact #, case #, screen name (ctaillac), phone # used at time of purchase to to forward your concerns over to your case manager. Again, we do apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to speaking with you soon. Thank you, Liz R. MySears Community Moderator

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      Hi Liz- I believe that Samantha is also on the Sears Escalation team. My husband told me this morning that he heard from his moderator yesterday from the Department of Consumer Affairs that someone contacted her (from Samantha's team) and offered to pay $500 towards a new dishwasher. At this point, this is not acceptable. The dishwasher was much more than that and we have lost thousands of dollars in lost work time. We will not accepts anything short of offering us full replacement, including installation and delivery AND refunding us the extra money we paid because your folks could not find the warranty. If we get this offer in writing today, great. If not, I will be headed to court at 11am tomorrow to file my claim. Below is a brief excerpt from the several page written history of this case so you can have the case number you are requesting.
      "9/18 - Cosette (my wife) made a call to Sears Executive Offices. We now have a case manager, Samantha, telephone# (888)5**-***9, ext. 21. We were assigned a case #1744139.
      Samantha informed us that she would submit paperwork to replace the machine. The warranty pays $500, and any delivery and installation charges. We paid $800 originally for the machine, plus the cost of the extended warranty. She offered to look into the possibility of assisting us with the entire replacement cost, "due to the extremely poor service, delays and problems we have experienced."
      She stated she would contact us on Thursday 9/19 or Sunday 9/22 with the status of the claim, and would make sure we were promptly reimbursed for the labor we paid for that was already covered by our extended warranty. We NEVER heard from her!"

      Cosette T*** ct***@***.com
      (***) **4-6***

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      Hi ctaillac!

      We thank you for providing an update for us!

      I have escalated your update to our Sears Cares team and provided additional details that you had provided on this issue.

      Please note that personal information has been removed for your personal security and privacy.

      Thank you!

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      We're sorry that your issue is still ongoing. We see that your original case manager has been tying to reach you but was having troubles leaving a message due to her getting a "Mailbox Full" message. I will forward you post to your case manager for attention.

      Thank you,
      David W.
      MySears Community Moderator

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      This does not make sense. My voicemail box is clear. She has 2 phone numbers for us and 2 email addresses for us as well. There are 4 possible means for her to have contacted us and yet...

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      Interesting coincidence. I'm trying to communicate about warranty work for a dishwasher and I have been assigned a
      team member named "Samantha" as well. My case number is CASE 2053319.

      Received exactly 1 email from Samantha. She asked for my home phone and address. I replied to that email including that information. I then never heard back!

      I've emailed and tweeted. On twitter, @Searscares told me that they were forwarding my tweets to Samantha. After I continued to complain about no response over 2 days, they said there was some misunderstanding and asked for a phone. I posted the phone number on twitter.

      I then also began to call Samantha's number (sent in the email in which she requested my home address and phone). I think I called 6 or 7 times today. She was never available. I left voice-mail messages, but she has not returned calls.

      Supposedly she works Sunday-Thursday. So I hope I can get her tomorrow! Good luck with your dishwasher repair.

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      Hi lucial!

      We appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns with us on this issue you are experiencing with your dishwasher.

      Your feedback is very important to us and has been escalated to our Sears Cares team for further assistance. Once one of our team members responds I will be reaching out via email to help in directing you back to your original thread for contact.

      Again we thank you for taking the time to reach out!

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      We are sorry for the lack of direct contact with your case manager. We will ensure this post is brought to their attention and have them follow up with you accordingly.

      Thank you,
      Kurt M.
      MySears Community Moderator

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      Samantha didn't call yesterday. I phoned twice today. When she still didn't call, I phoned the "emergency" number, and got to the "Blue Ribbon Executive Office" in Texas.

      I first spoke with Veronica W, who was not especially helpful. She merely told me that Samantha was my manager and there was a note instructing Samantha to phone me. Since @searscares on twitter had been telling me they had left repeated instructions to Samantha, I suspect that note might not be very helpful.

      I asked Veronica W when Samantha might call. She said she'd checke whether Samantha was in. Then she transferred my call the a name that sounded like "Roshlyn". I didn't leave a message on Roshlyn's phone and the call automatically hung up. (I thought it might revert to Veronica, but it did not.)

      Instead, I re-dialed the "emergency" number and got Adam who was very helpful. I explained to him that I had a case, that Veronica had done little more than tell me Samantha was my caseworker and had then forwarded me to "Roshlyn". I told him I had already left numerous messages with Samantha, and he was very helpful.

      He looked up information on my machine, verified my address and so on. I asked him to find the exact warranty that came with machine so we could be on the same page and not get distracted with any irrelevant to my case discussion of about what an extended warranty would cover if I had one.

      Once he obtained the .pdf file with the warranty for my machine, he and I looked over the lower right corner to verify that the warrantor was SEARS. (A few previous customer service reps at the 1-800-4-MY-Home and another online Sears number suggested that the warrantor was either "Kenmore" or "Whirlpool". One gave me "Whirlpool's" number to call.) We also agreed that he represented Sears.

      After getting that out of the way, we read the warranty which read
      "For two years from the date of purchase, any part of the dishwasher that fails due to defective materials or workmanship will be replaced free of charge. After the first year from purchase date, the customer assumes any labor costs associated with replacement of these parts".

      We agreed I had purchased less than two years ago. He pointed out that the warranty doesn't cover labor. I told him I wasn't requesting any labor. I only wanted the parts. In a refreshing change from the numerous previous reps I spoke to, he agreed that the warranty covers the parts. (In fact, it must. When the warrantor does not pay for the labor, the consumer protection act prohibits warrantors from chosing who will do labor. That is described here:

      Consumer protection act reads

      (b) Under a limited warranty that provides only for replacement of defective parts and no portion of labor charges, section 102(c) prohibits a condition that the consumer use only service (labor) identified by the warrantor to install the replacement parts. A warrantor or his designated representative may not provide parts under the warranty in a manner which impedes or precludes the choice by the consumer of the person or business to perform necessary labor to install such parts.
      It would be useful for Sears to familiars the service people available through 1-800-4-MY-HOME with the provisions of this act.

      Luckily, Adam either is aware of the provisions of this consumer protection act, or he is more familiar with Sears policy than those at 1-800-4-MY-HOME, and he ordered my parts. The parts should be coming.

      Thanks to Adam, the numerous people whose job it is to apologize and tell me they are going to get someone *else* to help me with my problem can now be happy that I have obtained the replacement for my parts and at least one Sears service person agrees that the warranty does, in fact, cover the parts, just as the warranty language says it does.

      Thank you for your help in asking SearsCares to help. But I must admit, @searcares had already been involved and did not actually solve my problem. I found this site by googling to figure out if there were *other* branches of Sears that might be able to help.

      In the end, by exploring every phone number, site and option available to me, I found Adam of the "Blue Ribbon Executive Office" who cut through all the tape and got me my parts.

      I would recommend other consumers try to get to the "Blue Ribbon Executive office" rather than going through searscares. I would also advice consumers to keep dialing until they get an employee who will help. The 2nd one I hit was helpful. The first one mainly wanted to try to route me back to the very uncommunicative "Sammantha B.".

  3. Welcome, ctaillac! Thanks for taking the time to share this experience on the MySears Community. We are here to help! I am so sorry this has been such a headache getting your dishwasher fully repaired. I am going to send this along to the SearsCares team who will respond right here in a bit. Once it is posted, I will let you know via email so you can directly connect with them.