Do not shop at Sears. They steal your money and will lie about refunding you. It has been over a month since my purchase, which was advertised but not in stock. After several calls and email promising a reund I still have not received one. I recently got asked to fax a bill even though my giftcard was suppose to be here a while ago. I would shop anywhere besides here.



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    The first post of this post was generated on May 24th.

    The apologies and attempts to "look into" your concern were made during the weekend, which is kudos for the Sears Cares and Site team.

    But, most of the Sears other units are NOT WORKING on the weekends.

    Today is Memorial Day that, for some people, means no work.

    The banks handling any final refunds ALSO are big weekend worker, either.

    You FAX may be sitting in a tall In-box pile, awaiting prompt processing, tomorrow morning.

    Maybe turn the volume down a notch and see what happens about your concerns, when the rest of the organization(s) are back at work will prove more useful for you?

    Till then, are you having any sort of Memorial Day celebrations?

    We're gonna "burn something" on the Weber.

  1. Nosears123456789, we apologize for the frustration and inconvenience you are experiencing regarding your refund. This is definitely not the type of experience our customers should encounter with us. We'd like to look into this issue of your refund further for you. It would be our pleasure. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (Nosears123456789), phone # used at time of purchase to Thanks, Dianne.

    Thank you,

    Dianne D.
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    Sears Social Media Support

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      Now Sears says the only way they will refund my money is if I send in a utility bill with my address. Funny I didn't know you could steal money and then force the customer to send in a bill before returning it. I hope my message is clear to all those, do not shop at Sears. This company is unethical and unprofessional. Take your business to a company that truly respects the customer, not one that steals money and lies about returning it.

  2. Hi Nosears123456789! I am so so sorry you are having such trouble receiving a promised refund. I know the SearsCares team can help you get this taken care of. Please check back on this thread for a response. They will reach out soon to assist. Thanks!

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      Just like they have been doing for the last month, promising a refund and then lying about the dates and everything else. People need to be aware to shop with a more ethical and honest company. There is no reason Sears should advertise a product, take money for the product, not have the product and fail to return a customers money. This is unfortunately straight theft of property.

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      I hope you will take a minute to contact Dianne at the above email address. She will do what she can to get this resolved for you.

      Keep us posted on the progress!

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      She was contacted with the information requested yet I still haven't received a response, not surprised.