Do you change up your home decor for fall?

Fall is upon us! Do you change up your home decor for fall? What pieces do you change out to make your home feel more festive for the season? I am anxious to make my home feel more festive for fall and would love to hear how you make your home feel warm and inviting for the season!


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  1. I am like Ryan, nothing really changes until Christmas time! Then its an all out decorating party with the kids!

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      I usually do small changes for fall like fall-ish scented candles, a festive centerpiece on the dining room table but nothing major. We do go all out for decor inside at Christmastime too! It's so fun, especially when you have kiddos I imagine!

  2. I like to put out some squash and small pumpkins from the farmer's market on the mantel and just kind of dispersed around the house for decor.

    I also like to put a fall wreath my mother-in-law made a few years ago for us. I LOVE Fall.

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      I definitely change up our front wreath every season. Speaking of, I really need a new wreath for fall! I found a great summer wreath at Kmart that has held up well (and the FedEx man even complimented!), may need to check Kmart this weekend for a new wreath.

  3. I don't really add or change anything until Christmas time! Then the lights and decorations come out!!

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