Do you have a basketball hoop?

We are thinking about buying a basketball hoop for our backyard area, which has a bit of concrete. Anyone have one? Is it an in-ground, portable or just backboard mounted on your garage?

How do you like what you have?


2 answers

  1. We had used the hoop mounted onto our garage growing up. We had played many of late nights until we finally out grew it as well as becoming consumed with our school athletic activities.

    But when my kids were younger, we had used the portable. This was a great fit for our family for we had moved twice with it. Our first place we had a paved area in the backyard where they played for hours for a few years. After that we had moved into a house where we had RV parking. This had also worked wonderfully for it was used in the front of the house, was back far enough not to be bouncing into the street and away from our personal vehicles.

    Ours lasted a good 7 years until the kids became involved in their own school sports, so we handed it down to another family member.

    So for me, I loved both for we had some great locations for their use.

    I am curious as to which one you end up purchasing ;)

  2. We don't have one at our house now but I had one growing up. It was an in-ground fixture and I really enjoyed using it as a child! Once my sister and I reach the age of 16 we rarely used it. I have fond memories of shooting hoops in our driveway as a girl though! If I were to invest in one now, I would probably go with a portable so it could be moved and/or sold if needed down the road.

    Good luck, let us know if you buy and what you decide to go with!