Do you have a trampoline?

We are thinking of getting a trampoline in our backyard for our 2 boys and their buddies. I am torn, though. Part of me feels it can be unsafe, but maybe with proper rules in place and consequences if they are not followed, it could be ok. How do you handle trampoline safety if you do have one?


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  1. It can be quite dangerous if not used properly that's for sure!

    It can be easy to hurt oneself if not jumping on it correctly. I know for myself I have hurt my back and neck in the past when goofing around on it.

    However, it can be quite fun if all precautions are taken seriously by the boys and guests ;)

  2. I was never allowed to have a trampoline growing up. My Mom was NOT a fan! Ha. I feel like with the safety netting now and proper supervision, trampolines can be safe but definitely could be a worry for any parent I imagine! I would also totally be on the fence about buying a trampoline, let us know what you decide.

    1. In response to laurelS

      I don't even think my mom would have wanted us on one growing up! She would not have liked it at all!

      My kids have friends who have them-they just have the best time on there. It is a fun outdoor activity and really good exercise, too!

  3. I don't have one, but I do know people who do. Make sure you have it fenced in with the trampoline mesh fence things. It creates less of a chance of falls because the fence keeps the kids in. Also if you do not have your yard fenced in as well I would not recommend getting one. Local laws may make you responsible if some kid just decides they want to come play on it and gets injured even if you are not home and do not know them.

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      Oooh-good point, filmdork! I can imagine about the local laws.

      The mesh thing would be a MUST, I think, too. It does seem safer. I do know a couple of kids who have actually broken bones on a trampoline around here. So, I am a little cautious about getting one, for sure.