Do You Have Any Suggestions For A Light Weight Drill?

I am looking for a small light weight drill to keep around the house for my odds and end jobs.

I have never owned one before and am wondering if they even make a light weight drill? I have borrowed one from a family member before and it was really hard to hold up to get my project completed.

I would appreciate any thoughts for it will not be used for heavy duty projects.

Thank you! ;-)


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      • San Jose, CA

    A light weight "powered drill" that is used for small DIY projects, not requiring a great deal of torque include the Craftsman Nextec line of Drill/ Driver tools, that are some of the lightest weight to power tools AND fit in a smaller sized user's hand than many of the larger capacity drills.

    The drill that comes to mind is the Craftsman C3 battery powered Drill/Driver tool.

    This tool comes in several versions, with the simple 3/8 inch capacity model being the lightest in weight.

    A C3 drill/ driver that comes with a high/low mechanical transmission switch is more versatile and with a Lithium-Ion powered 19.2 volt C3 battery powering it, will still be quite light to handle.

    Either of these two product selections will make good additions to your DIY tool kit.

    I hope this post has helped aim you toward the appropriate display in the store, to actually handle the drills, for that last test of the heft of each type of tool.

    1. It helps tremendously for my local Sears has only appliances and I am not really able to go in and check them physically.

      I will definitely be checking the reviews before ordering to see what might be the right fit especially if anything about the weight.

      Thank you Adam, I greatly appreciate your input!