Do you have, in automotive electrical, for towing an RV Fifth Wheel, a 7-pin electrical plug?

This plug is a female plug, and mounts in my pickup’s rear bumper and powers the RV’s brake lights, tail lights, and electric brakes.


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  1. In looking at the items listed, the only 7 pin connectors showing are "Marketplace" items. In other words other companies are paying to advertise their products and they are not sold by Sears.

    You should be able to find this at a trailer supply store or most auto parts stores. I have seen the connector that you are looking for for about $10.00

  2. Hi there, MountainLogTrucker! Welcome to MySears! In researching this part, I did find a few items that fit your description. Click here to view the results.

    You can also contact the folks at customer service. They will have more insight on the availability of this plug. The "click to chat" folks can look into this quickly and efficiently.

    Hope that helps!


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