Do you like to go camping?

We are planning a camping trip this summer-it will be our first as a family. I am a little nervous how my younger son will do, but think it will be lots of fun.

Do you go camping in the warmer months with family and friends? If so, what kind and size tent do you own? Do you have any camping cooking tips you could share?


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  1. With 4 kids, we always had the biggest tent in the park with a huge truck tarp suspended between two trees over the whole campsite. The kids best memories were the scavenger hunts we parents sent them on (usually to have a little adult time), my favorite is the softball games and playing taps on the bugle at sunset across the water. Suggest a couple magnifying glasses for wood burning a souvenir. Takeout pizza is a treat dinner if its available. Good luck!

    1. In response to madgolfer

      I LOVE the scavenger hunt idea! That is really terrific.

      Thanks for the tips. We can't wait!

  2. My friend and I use to take our kids (5)camping a few times during the summer. The littlest, 2 boys, were 4 years old and loved it!

    We had shared a 10 man tent for which had 4 bdrms which worked wonderful in separating the older from the younger for they had their own idea's of camping.

    As for food, we had made up meals that we could easily place in a big cast iron skillets for which all ingredients could be cooked at once. We had made spaghetti, hamburger helper (kids pick), marinated chicken, plus so much and smores to top the nights off!

    I agree as mentioned, air mattresses or cots for us oldies, for the kids did not mind sleeping on the ground. Just make sure before setting up your tent to clear all rocks, sticks, pine needles etc. otherwise they will feel it and have a rough night of sleep. We had always packed a small handled rake which was great!

    As for clothes, pack doubles, for you never know how dirty the little ones will get depending on where you decide to camp. If by the lake, its easy to rinse and hang dry, but the beaches you have the sea water and lots of sand.

    The great part of camping is, that each time you go, you will know exactly what your family will need to take for each trip.

    Its great fun for the kids always love the new surroundings and exploration.

    Oh yeah, kids love to bring back souvenirs. So extra buckets are great for it gives them a limit on what they can fit to bring home.

    Have fun in making wonderful memories!

  3. I love to go camping, though I haven't been in years. Well unless you count camping out in a friends backyard. I have a small 4 person tent, though my family used to have a much larger one growing up it was either 8 or 10 person tent for 6 person family. Tips - air mattresses are wonderful for all involved or fold away cots too to get you off the ground. Aluminum foil is your friend either to cover grill plates or to make foil packet dinner things, just throw in meat of your choice, potatoes, half ears of corn, other veggies you like with a little oil and seasoning or just some italian dressing place directly in the fire or on the grill grates. Pack twice as many socks as you think you will need. Oh and for the kids make sure to have battery operated lanterns or those tap light things. And smores make everyone happy. Also you can get those little cast iron things sold pretty much everywhere with camping supplies that are square or round and make little pocket pies. Keep bucket or two of water right next to the fire in case it gets out of hand.

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