Do you recommend a Dyson vacuum? Is it really worth the money?

I am looking to buy a new vacuum and I would like to know if I should spend the extra money.


3 answers

  1. Dysons are great vacuums, certainly. And, there's lots of great bonuses going on with them right now at Sears. Keep in mind, though, that while they make a lot of noise about not losing suction, they start and stay at a much lower level of suction than bagged vacuums due to the nature of cyclonic vacuum systems. A Kenmore 31200 bagged upright would actually have a much higher suction rating, and the drop from empty to full would be negligible, especially considering even at full it's still more powerful than bagless. And, a Kenmore 31200 is as much as 50% less than a Dyson. But, it ultimately comes down to preference. Some people like one better than another. I'd recommend getting your hands on them at your local Sears store and seeing what you think suits your needs and wants best. Good luck!

  2. I purchased a Dyson DC-7 in 2008 and it has taken all the dust and lint thrown at it.
    It has worked trouble free and caused no problems. I use it on deep pile carpet and tile. It has been worth its weight in gold!

  3. Hi CarleyRae! I do not own a Dyson myself, but anyone I know who does LOVES it and has no regrets.

    The reviews for all Dyson models are all fantastic. I don't think any of them have a rating of below 4 1/2 stars.

    Click this link if you would like to check them out: