Do You Sharpen Knives/Scissors At Home?

I have a few pairs of scissors that are getting a little on the dull side, do they make a sharpener to help with this issue?

I use to have a knife sharpener many years ago but at the time it could not be used for scissors. Do they have one that can sharpen both?

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Thank you!


2 answers

  1. You can try a honing steel-I use that to sharpen my knives at home. It works pretty well, as long as used regularly. I bet it would work for scissors, too! I have not tried it before, but maybe I just give it a go this week!

    1. In response to SHC-JulieK


      Let me know how it works out for I would love to find one that I can use for both!

      Thanks Julie!