Do you think I should get my 8-year old a softball to hit with, or a baseball?

He can see the ball pretty well, but I’m afraid of a hard-hit batted ball hitting the pitcher (aka me) in the head. How old till he’s ready?


3 answers

  1. I remember playing baseball with a Whiffle ball. The ball is perforated plastic and is safe for all concerned. The bats are plastic and you don't need gloves.

  2. Ha, OrenR-I have had that happen with both of my boys, and it hurts! I agree with Lyle on this one. You can buy balls made specifically for T-Balls-they are soft. Here is a link to a Sears Marketplace item that fits the bill!

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

  3. I recommend that you start with a soft compression safety baseball. It is the same size as a conventional baseball but it is up to 93% softer than a regular one. It will probably keep the pitcher safe. When he is 10, he can probably move up to a regular baseball.