Does anybody know how to get a hold of JulieK the Moderator or any Expert from the Mattress Team?

I posted a Question about a bed I saw at the local Sears on 9/28/12. The Moderator, JulieK, said someone from the Mattress team would be getting back to me, but they have not as of today. I really want information (more than what is on the link I received from JulieK) about how to order the specific bed and box spring. There is quite a complicated link that does take me to the bed I am trying to get, but there are several different firmnesses and I also need to know how to get the box spring that is specifically for this bed. Has this Sears Community website changed? I used to be able to reply to a Moderator’s comment and they would get an email and reply to my question very quickly. I also lost my picture on this what appears to be a new Sears Community website. Any help from a Mattress Expert would be greatly appreciated before the weekend sales are over. Thanks.


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  1. Hey Kooler! I just received a reply from the team today. Here you go:
    The mattress associate in the store is the best resource for helping to find the mattress that is the best fit. They can explain all the options, and put in a special order for any mattress not on the floor. All offers available online are also available in store.

    If you are looking for some reviews of the mattress, two bloggers just did that:

  2. I will pass this along to the Mattress Team, Kooler1! Check back soon for a reply.

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      Well, I guess there comes a time when one just has to give-up. I am not getting any emails telling me that there are replies, I have sent several messages or actually replies to JulieK in hopes that she would contact me, but nothing. I see here that JulieK did reply, but never heard back from the Mattress team. What has happened to the decent Community website Sears used to have about 1 year or so ago? Finally, I even called the national Sears number trying to get a mattress before the big columbus Day sale is over, but the lady at Sears had no idea what I was talking about when I asked a question about the Serta iComfort series mattresses. it is a shame to see Sears get so low in customer service. is there even a "Sears" anymore? Talk Care.

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    Julie has an "in-box" on the Craftsman Community site.