Does anyone else have problems with sears SYWR?

I seem to have issues on receiveing my rewards points as promised on the coupons I use. I made a big purchase of $1600 and the coupon I used said save $10 and double your rewards points and till this day i still haven’t received credit for those points. And a seperate occasion I used a coupon that said spend $50 or more and recieve $10 rewards and they haven;t showed up and when I call SYWR customer care they always say they can’t help me because the coupon didn’t show up on there system. Either they don’t know what they are doing or the software they use is out dated? I feel like i got ripped off. Most of the reason I shop there is the perks of having points and saving $


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  1. I also have been ripped off by Sears not getting my points. Have shopped at Sears only related to the great deals offered. Found out it is all smoke and mirrors never actually get the points promised. Rude customer service and SYW customer service agents.

  2. I'm so annoyed. I received 4 coupons attached inside their flyer mailed to me. each and everyone says you can use the codes online, but they don't work. the coupon is for 15% off with an added 5% if you use sears card. When I called they offered me 5% off or send an email. I emailed a picture of the coupon where it clearly states it can be used online. They emailed me back with a 10% promise after I order. On what planet does 15+5% = 10%. They won't honor it even with proof. If they had the colors and sizes in store, I would get the right discount, but they don't, I shopped there.
    On a different note I received a coupon with my new credit card in late April. The coupon was good for February to May, practically expired. When I called about that, they had no offer at all to make it right. Their customer service attitude is ALL WRONG. I'm not satisfied.

  3. I have the same problems! The K-Mart coupons RARELY, if ever work. The SYW customer service is completely unhelpful. I've gotten to the point that when the coupons don't work, I just tell the cashier I no longer want the merchandise and leave. I don't shop there as much as I used to because its such a hassle. I used to just go with it and then call SYW customer service to see if they could fix it, but since they're STILL working on a credit of two dollars and some odd cents from SEPTEMBER 2012, I've lost hope. Its gotten to the point that I feel like they just put me on hold and make up excuses of why the codes don't work for me. One day the rep got mad and said, "I don't know what your problem is. They work for me and everyone else." According to the cashiers at K-Mart, that isn't the case. They always says the coupons don't work right and they can't do anything about it.

  4. Hi elizabethbustillo! Thanks for posting today on the MySears Community. I just sent you an email requesting more information so we can look into these issues you are having with your reward points. Once you reply, we can check into this for you.

  5. I've had problems too. First of all, even though I was registered as a bonus member, I stopped receiving bonus points. I only found out, after making a large purchase. When I inquired about it, I was told that my e-mail address was no longer valid and the bonus points could not be reinstated. Well that was strange, since I was still receiving e-mails. In fact, at least one a day from Land's End. Also, when I go to use just the points that are expiring at Kmart, the cashier uses all my available points. That's fine, but I'd actually like to accumulate the points that are not expired for a bigger purchase. I thought we were able to state how many points we wanted to use on a purchase, but they don't seem to be able to handle this at my local Kmart.

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      Hi lindiloo! So nice to see you here today! I just sent you an email requesting more information. Looking forward to hearing your reply. Thanks!

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    I got 18 dollars off of a $29.99 Craftsman Pint Glass Bucket set, on display in the Holiday Tool Display area. That's over HALF off!

  6. I'm convinced that their rewards program is a complete sham! I purchased a refrigerator for my daughter using $380.14 worth of points on Sept. 2 and their "computer" mysteriously cancelled my order the following Monday. They didn't even inform us that this had happened--we didn't find out until it didn't show up on the scheduled delivery day! I have been trying to get them to return my rewards points to my account ever since! My final attempt will be to write to their home office--maybe they will respond--maybe not! I may contact the BBB about this too.

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      Hi KSGal! I am so sorry to hear about this! We can have a SearsCares team member follow up with you on your order to see what happened. Check back on this thread soon for a reply. Thanks!

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      Hi KSGal,

      We sincerely apologize for the unpleasant experience you have encountered with the cancellation of your refrigerator and for not being notified of this change to your order. Expecting delivery of your new refrigerator only to find that the order has been cancelled is a bit confusing and upsetting. We would like to speak with you about this situation not only to help minimize your frustrations moving forward but to also make this right on your behalf.
      At your convenience please contact our office via email at and a dedicated case manager will contact you directly. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the refrigerator was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide your (MySears,) screen name (KSGal) you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue. We do look forward to speaking with you soon.

      Thank you,
      Misty H.
      MySears Social Media Moderator
      Sears Social Media Support

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      I think you are right! Every complaint you read it's the same response, " Sorry to hear about your problem I just sent you an e-mail". The question is do they ever get anything solved? I'm glad the reward system worked for AdamO and he felt the need to spout off about it while every one else can't get their problems fixed. I guess the reward system would work for AdamO since he is an employee of Sears. AdamO instead of bragging about all the money you're saving why don't you do something useful like help some of these customers instead of talking about your x-mas tool ornaments.

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      O.K., I did as you requested and sent an e-mail to the address you gave me. This is the response I received from Yahoo today!

      Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

      Mail server for "" unreachable for too long

      Are you kidding me! This is infuriating!

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      @Alaskanbikelady - AdamO is not an employee at Sears.

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      @KSGal - the email handle is not

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      In response to KSGal


      I'm not a Sears employee.

      And, while it must be frustrating to not have everyone's points working as well as the people would like the system to work, I posted about one of the times the points had worked for me.

      I believe positive posts are just as valuable as negative posts.

      Or, am I not interpreting the "MySears" meaning of this site.

      I "could" come up with some negative posts, if you'd like.

      But, it seems other posters have those bases well covered.

      I believe one of the site moderators is an excellent place to start an individual inquiry, with a collection of more information eMail, forwarded to a Customer Cares representative.

      I applaud the posters who come back to this site, and post the resolution to their original concerns.

      It adds "closure" to some of this site's postings.

      I many posters would take the time to point out a better than 50 percent savings on a Sears sold item - without being called a Bragger.

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      Thanks! I'll try again!

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      Good luck trying to find my home or name on the internet =P

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      that was for 1bbq and so is this:

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      I've had the same problems! Trying to redeem points and a coupon. The coupon came off of one item when it should have been off all of the items as they were all in the deal, I figured whatever as long as I was getting the discount, well the CANCELLED the ONE item the coupon came off of so I was out the coupon and the item I wanted, I only added the others to the cart so I would be in the qualifying range to USE the coupon, and then I lose out not only on the coupon, but on the item I REALLY wanted! and the site still has it in stock! I am DONE with sears! OH the corporate email is I am planning on emailing them as soon as I get a chance.. Its such a shame to see a store having been around 127 years treating their loyal customers this way.. I will not be returning and rather shopping on amazon where they have always treated me right!

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