Does Sears care?Let us all ponder this question as I relate one of the most disgraceful stories of Customer Service,(snicker) you may ever hear.This wasn’t always the case, over the years I have had good ‘ol reliable Sears install dishwashers,stoves,refrigerator all to great satisfaction.They also installed an air conditioning unit. An air conditioning unit that proceeded to flood 2 bedrooms,hallway, attic all the way through to garage ruining everything in it’s dark brown water and mold path.My mother’s insurance company(Farmers),(this is her reversed mortgaged home and she is an 80yr old invalid with cardiac and respiratory issues),dispatched a clean-up crew and A.C. repairman pronto. After calming my over-stressed 2yr no days off unpaid caregiver nerves with the soothing sounds of “Don’t worry, you have plenty of coverage”I settled down,well at least I stopped sobbing and vomiting.This moment of relative calm was quickly shattered with the words IMPROPER INSTALLATION and hey, tough luck poor wretch who ha

Hey,still eagerly awaiting a reply that doesn’t involve you removing the posting of my true tale of woe.


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  1. Hi there, WhizDumb! Your original thread is right here, with a reply posted by both a moderator and a SearsCares team member. I hope you will send along the requested information so we can get this resolved for you.


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      It's here because I reposted it.Thanks for the email that sent me to a page that read "Yikes! We're Sorry But That Page Is no longer Available"VERY HELPFUL. Would you kindly have someone who could actually help contact me. I hate having to do this I was a loyal customer for years and still believe you sell an excellent product- not lip service,over the years I purchased every large appliance from Sears.I even bought a replacement vacuum (lost other in the flood)from Seara.

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      Oh,the way you can tell it was reposted is your original response is absent.

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      The link is working for me, WhizDumb1! Hope you will give it a try again.

      Here it is again. I want to be sure you see the response so you can connect with the team who will help.

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      I'm sorry if I was unclear. The page I am talking about is the one the moderator sent to my email.The only email I have received from you.I also apologize for giving you the impression I'm a drooling imbecile.I am versed in site code and was sent a link to "I-have-an-extended-warranty-on-my-lawnmower"etc.I can't imagine how your team thought that would be helpful.

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      Yep-you are correct! Sorry about that! I did send you an invalid link.

      I hope you will contact the team who replied to your original post. They are here to help!


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      There was no team response! You people posted a form letter saying someone would contact me! Here, let me help you-have the SearsCares escalation team contact me via email so I can supply them with my case number. Not that this wasn't already escalated by your own third party,had you read the part where supervisors have been notified to no avail.This would be humorous if it wasn't so mind numbing and I wasn't fighting back tears of frustration.

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      To all my friends following on other sites-guess what still no response.Tic...tic....tic....and thank you all for putting a brief smile on my face for awarding the Sears team the "chimps least likely to accidentally write Shakespeare award"The support is greatly appreciated.

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      Hi WhizDumb1,

      I am not sure if you have had a chance to send the additional information to our Sears Cares team as requested, but I have escalated your updates as well as email address to our team.

      Thank you and please keep us posted!

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      Dear WhizDumb1,

      My name is Brian and I am part of the Sears Cares team. Thank you for providing us with the additional information. We have forwarded this information to our Sears Cares team for attention. A dedicated case manager should be in touch within the next 24 hours. We thank you for your patience, and look forward to speaking with you soon.

      Thank you,
      Brian S.
      MySears Community Moderator

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      Hi Wendy/Brian!
      Did you guys post this in an attempt to make anyone believe you've actually tried to contact me to receive additional info?Because in reality you haven't.The only contact has been a bogus link which your own staff admitted was a mistake.
      Listen, you clearly don't give a rat's backside about me or my 80yr old mother.You know, the greatly wronged customer.But don't you care about members of your own Sears family?What has become of poor Tyarhein of HIC?Was she abducted by aliens?Is she being held captive by Somali pirates?Has she been struck mute by Voodoo?Because surely their must be a compelling reason she has been unable to get to a phone for 2 months.You see, I care.The FHA(remember this involves a reverse mortgage)they care.Several other Elder Abuse voices care.One cares so much that they have mentioned trying to sneak a note past her captors-something called a sub poena.I myself just believe she is overworked with too heavy a caseload and merely needs to have it lightened a bit.By one,mine.Looking forward to chatting with my new case worker and resolving this matter amiably.Hope springs eternal.

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      Hi Whiz
      Been following-any contact yet? Keep us posted.

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      Hi WhizDumb1, We are very sorry that we’ve been unable to make contact with you. We have been making an attempt with an email address with the domain of and have been unsuccessful. Rest assured we are very interested in resolving this issue for you. If you would, please send us an email to that contains your screen name (WhizDumb1), a contact phone number, and the phone number used at the time of purchase, and with that email, we can ensure we are able to contact you directly. Again we are here to help and hope to speak to you soon.

      Brian J.
      MySears Community Moderator

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      Did you get my email?I can't tell because I now have 2 mail boxes devoid of Sears correspondence.

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      WhizDumb1, We have received your email and your case manager will be reaching out to you soon. Again, we are sorry for the delay, and we hope to speak with you shortly.

      Brian J.
      MySears Community Moderator

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      Thank you again. Those following see other post under"Does the Sears team have to follow" etc.