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  1. Daren_J,
    Hang in there, It will get better! I looked at the store site for 08873 and some are in stock for store pick up only! Here is the info I came up with and you should call for stock levels.
    Sears Stores New Brunswick - a#0001314 51 Us Hwy 1
    New Brunswick, NJ 08901
    Phone Number: (732) 937-7355

      • San Jose, CA

    What's your area's ZIP code and how far are you willing to drive to pickup an "in stock" generator?

      • San Jose, CA

    The item being in-stock means "somewhere in the US", until you do a store pickup option, with a filter of a ZIP code you enter on the site.

    And, the stores are NOT set up to transfer inventory from one local location to another store "closer" to someone.

    This is why there is a wait, sometimes to get in-stock inventory "in". It has to be transferred from the nearest warehouse that has inventory on hand, that can be sent out to the requested store pickup location.

    So. Ideally, your closest store has inventory on hand for immediate pickup.

    Then there is stock being sent out from the closest warehouse having the inventory.

    After that, there is stock coming from an area hub, to a local warehouse and finally arriving the the pickup store location.

    The longest road is waiting for inventory from the item Manufacturer's Stategic Kanban area of products.

    And, if it has to be custom built or configured, then we were never talking about "being available" at a store, were we.

    1. Now it sounds like you do work for Sears. Which is it? Some days you do and some days you don't. Make up your mind and tell the truth AdamO do you work for Sears or not?

      • San Jose, CA seems to carry over 500 different kinds of portable generators.

    If you go on-line to and enter your area's ZIP code in the pickup section, you can determine which stores are carrying any portable electric generators.

    The Weather channel Generac sponsor's generator is listed on the site, as a non-portable generator, too.

  2. Hi Daren_J! Hang in there! I am sure your area has been affected by the storm. You may have better luck with this question if you search for Generators on Click the "store pick up" option on any generator you are interested in and "check out". From there, you will be able to see if it available or not.