Does Sears seriously care about the customer and its business anymore? I had an issue with a tire purchase I recently made and got back a canned response and absolutely no satisfaction. I recently tried to spend over 2000.00 on new appliances and Sears let my business go over $35.00. Sears had an oven on sale for $719. Stainless was 719 and white 719 but they wanted 845 for black and couldnt answer why black was not a choice at that price. The associate then told me they could match prices from other places, they found 754 at anoother retailer. I told them I was buying 3 appliances and I refuse to pay more for black that I could buy stainless for. They including the store manager refused to sell to me for the $719 so I was forced to go to another business for my appliances. Sears used to be very customer oriented and thats not the case anymore. I truly fear for the retailers future.


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  1. Dear iamronaldmurphy,

    We are indeed sorry for the discouraging experience you encountered at one of our stores with trying to purchase some new appliances. We certainly understand the concern and frustration that is being expressed. We would like to speak with you about you recent trip to our store to see how we can make this right on your behalf and provide the feedback to the appropriate parties for review. At your convenience, please send the following information – contact #, screen name (iamronaldmurphy), phone # used at time of purchase to and we’ll be happy to reach out and discuss further.

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  2. It can be very confusing when some colors are priced differently than others. I've seen scenarios like what you've described before, though not often. Sometimes, it's just a matter of trying to compensate for supply gluts by pushing certain colors at lower prices. Associates and even managers are not free to simply change prices upon request outside of the aforementioned price match. While your argument makes intuitive sense, the fact is that prices are set certain ways for a reason, and it's not the sales associate's, department manager's, or store manager's decision what the price should or shall be.

  3. Welcome, iamronaldmurphy! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts today. I am so sorry you had trouble with your recent appliance and tire purchases. I am sending this along to the SearsCares team. They will be happy to discuss the issues you had and do what they can to make it right for you. Please check back soon for a reply from a team member. Thanks!

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    I got side-tracked with the "tire issue" part of your post. I read a lot about appliances, with no reference to tires.

    Next visit to the store, I'll ask the Appliance Associates why black is more expensive than white or stainless-steel.

    I've got some black tool storage units that didn't cost any more than the red or midnight-blue boxes.