Does Sears take customer feedback about its Kenmore line of appliances and use it to improve product quality/design? If so, what is the method for submission?


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  1. Hi frontloaderlover,

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    There are 2 options in sharing your comments, one is by reaching out to the Company as ServiceLocally mentioned and the other is by providing a review on the specific products that you have purchased.

    By providing reviews helps companies/customers/members to gain more knowledge on the products that have been purchased by others. The ratings are 80/20 (product/service) which can help others in making final purchasing decisions on whether these products will meet their needs.

    To leave a review please sign into your Sears account go to "Order Center", click on "view order details" or "order number" and underneath image of product will have "write a review". You can also go directly to product from our Sears Website to leave reviews.

    We hope this helps and please let us know if you have any further questions!

    Thank you!

    1. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      Unless I'm missing something, the answers I received are not totally helpful to me, for these reasons:
      1. The consumers, in general, don't know the manufacturers behind the Kenmore labels, as they can vary. While I may know from observation which company it is, they really don't want to be contacted about a Kenmore appliance (from experience). I was hoping there was a more direct way to channel specific feedback to the individuals at Sears responsible for working with the companies in designing the products.

      2. I already wrote a review for my product, as did 100+ other people. With all the reviews for all the products, I think it would be difficult to get to specific suggestions. Moreover, I didn't mention some of the things in the review, as they would probably be more suited to an audience of people designing the product. For example, in my dishwasher, I find there is one bowl slot where the bowls never totally get clean. From looking at the design, it appears the structure of the spray arm support, which is directly under that particular slot, deflects too much water away from the bowl and reduces the cleaning power. This is very annoying and could have been designed differently to prevent this. And that is one of a few issues I have found for this particular machine.

      So, if the review is the only means of providing feedback, then I guess I have already done what I can.

    2. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      Hi Frontloaderlover,

      I have researched further and have found the Kenmore website for you. Please click here!

      I hope this helps and we do appreciate you writing a review on your specific appliance so that it may help others during purchasing decisions.


  2. Who made the appliance? You might want to take the comments directly to them.