Does the SearsCares team have to follow the same rules of time and space as every one else,or are they able to bend and stop it.Because their within 24hrs is different then ours. They may actually have this ability since they believed they could psychically have my contact information.I’ve been on here since the 11th(see Does Sears really care) and the only contact via email has been an incorrect page site.I went to church this morning and prayed I would go to my email acct. and see a response.You can imagine my disappointment. Come on guys, give me a break here,I’ve been given the run around for 2 months.This isn’t You Scuffed My Floor Installing My Stove. This is major damage that was already investigated by Farmers, they only deny it due to FAULTY INSTALLATION on my A.C. Please Please Please help me.

The time stamp on the we’ll get in contact with you reads 8:45am


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  1. Hi WhizDumb1, We are very sorry that we’ve been unable to make contact with you. We have been making an attempt with an email address with the domain of and have been unsuccessful. Rest assured we are very interested in resolving this issue for you. If you would, please send us an email to that contains your screen name (WhizDumb1), a contact phone number, and the phone number used at the time of purchase of the stove that facilitated this issue, and with that email, we can ensure we are able to contact you directly. Again we are here to help and hope to speak to you soon.

    Brian J.
    MySears Community Moderator

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      Sorry that email address isn't working for you. I works for everyone else.I will send you another.WHAT STOVE!Do you people read these? My Sears via Bubba Joe Jim-Bob installed AIR CONDITIONER flooded the attic,2brms, the hall, and garage.I have serious mold issues because I've been dealing with you people for 2 months.

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      Sent the information you requested.Please please please please do not look for a stove-I did in fact purchase a stove and many many other appliances from you it was an AIR CONDITIONER.

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      Please post a response stating you have indeed received my email.If you have,then you've already backgrounded me and found what a good Sears customer you treat like dump.You'd find I have excellent credit,and most importantly that I have never filed a complaint against anyone before.I'm not one of those.I am the genuine article.

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      WhizDumb1, I am terribly sorry that I misposted my comment above about a stove. It is clear that this is an Air Conditioner. We have received your email and your case manager will be reaching out to you soon. Again, we are sorry for the delay, and we hope to speak with you shortly.

      Brian J.
      MySears Community Moderator

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      Yes I have now receive a call.I gave the gentleman. names claim numbers and blood types.He was very polite and I appreciated that.Now let's see if this gets resolved in a more timely fashion.I truly hope to be able to post everywhere hugs,kisses and big smiley faces for Sears.I honestly don't want to be on You-Tube standing in front of one of my moldy walls cutting up my Premiere Card.Thank you