Does your family do a “family gift” each year for the Holidays?

I know when I was growing up there was always one gift that the whole family benefited from – such as a trip somewhere, a new TV for our living room, a gaming system or a computer. What has anyone else done?


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  1. In the past, we've done a gift to charity from the whole family that we all contribute what we can to. It's a great feeling and it benefits more people than just us.

  2. What a fun thread! We usually gift one sporting event for all of us to attend-normally it is for all of us to go to a Chicago Bulls or Blackhawks game. It is a fun family activity for us all to look forward to!

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      @Julie K - That does sound like a lot of fun! I think my favorite family gift/surprise was a trip to Disney World! You never forget your first time! My twin sister and I were SO excited! (I think I also liked the fact that I was getting out school for a week!) :-)

      • San Jose, CA

    Does a ride-on Craftsman tractor and 1000 pound capacity steel cart count as a family gift?

    My wife has driven it around a few times.

    My daughter wants to have NOTHING to do with it.

    But, she does appreciate not having a messy property to have to deal with.

    It cuts stuff with its 46 inch deck, including (unfortunately) the occasional length of drip irrigation tubing (needs to get buried someday).

    It has hauled many, many, MANY loads of "fire load" from one place on the property to a staging zone, where the material is either shredded or hauled away.

    It even helped move a truck load of laminate flooring to the other end of the house, for a little DIY job.

    Who wants to help me do preventative service to the tractor and trailer?

    Where'd everyone go?

    I'm not sure I can "swing" a Hybrid Table Saw out of them, this year...

    1. @AdamO - Haha! I think that counts! My dad always uses his tractor for things like you use yours for as well, but I actually enjoyed it because like your wife, I was able to drive it! Mowing the grass is always fun on a tractor (it at least beats pushing it!) We lived on gravel road so we would use it to drive to the end of the street to get the mail and stuff like that. I always volunteered.