Does your family or friends play in a Turkey Bowl every Thanksgiving?

This is a big thing in our family where we all get together Thanksgiving morning and play football. It’s a lot of fun! It’s one of our family traditions!


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  1. Speaking of Turkeys how about that Bears offensive line? The Niners' Smith brothers had an early feast on them last night!

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      Don't even get me started on that! What a HORRIBLE game-just painful to watch! Hopefully, they bring their best game on Sunday and that was just a fluke.

  2. We don't plan in a Turkey Bowl but seeing as it will be 60 degrees in Chicago this year, we might just start.

  3. I know a lot of people who do that-we don't have too much family around here to get a good game going, but I bet it is a blast. There is a 5K Turkey Trot down by the lake around here on Thursday morning, and my whole family is signed up. Lots of neighborhood people participate, so we are excited to make that a tradition!

    madgolfer-that sounds like a perfect day for you and your son!

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      If I did a 5K on Thanksgiving morning, I would just tell myself, "I can have one more piece of pie because I ran this morning" LOL. Sounds like a great new tradition!

  4. The only Turkey Bowls I'll be seeing Thursday will be full of stuffing or potato peelings but my son is home from college and we got in 18 holes of golf today!

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      Sounds like a great time! Have fun!

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      I agree with you on many things but GOLF! We owe the Scots a lot for their contributions through the ages to what we accept today, but GOLF!?!?! For many years I quoted Oscar Wilde with as the author of "Golf is a good walk spoiled" but I have recently learned this is not the case. Another definition of the 'pastime', I will not dignify it with the description 'game' is "an occupation for those who cannot who cannot stand the excitement of fishing", and that was told to me by an avid 'golfer'. Anyway to each his own, glad you enjoyed your round with your son, and I hope you can enjoy another round with him before he returns to his studies. Just for the record my idea of R&R is quietly in the woods with a spiral tube and an explosive charge and a projectile at the closed end looking for big furry animals. 'She who must be obeyed' claims it is the most expensive meat we eat, I claim it is R&R expenses.

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      One of my fonder memories of Thanksgivings gone by is hunting that week with dad and a pocketful of Hershey bars.