Don’t ever get appliances from SEARS! Even their blue ribbon customer service team can’t resolve a simple damages claim.

Since September 2012 I have been fighting to get reimbursed for damage caused to my refrigerator by a sears delivery team (sub contracted to Excel in Menands (Albany) NY. No one there knows how to handle a claim, the horrible process in place with Sedgwick Claims is laughable – they never confirmed or denied the claim in writing and never contacted me about it. Althoguh the execs claim to agree I am right, their ability to get anything done is missing and here I sit….they have sent a repair guy here twice, another to document the damage and there is still no resolution…..small claims court here I come….


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  1. KristenNorthrup - I will never buy from them again either! I find it amazing this company found so many ill mannered, inept, robots, er I mean employees. Oh yeah, I know, Sears trained them to act like they do.
    An awful lot of people that are very unhappy posting on this site. I wonder how long Sears will stay in business treating customers the way they do?

  2. Hi there, KristenNorthrup! Thanks for posting your feedback today. I have sent your comments on to your case manager. Look to hear from someone soon.