Elite 790.78872400 gas range control panel needs to be replaced

While using the broiler one evening I was unable to shut it off due to no response from the keypad. My only alternative at that time was to have power cut to the outlet that I was unable to reach. I waited the prescribed minute only to have the F11 code continually flash with the never ending beeping. The range was then pulled from wall after the oven had cooled to allow us to remove the plug from the outlet. We tested it again by waiting and then plugging it in once again.

Since I was convinced that the control panel was fried, I searched for the part. If the overlay is destroyed upon removal of the control panel why are they two separate parts?

I was also particularly annoyed to find that the part was out of stock (considering how many complaints there seems to be) and that when the part was finally available it appears it has been subjected to a considerable price jump. (159.xx to 226.00???) in a short span of time.

Please advise as to the correct overlay part # since two popped up when I went to add the control panel to my cart n parts direct.


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  1. Hi derba,
    The f-11 is for the keypad which is called to overlay. You could remove the rear panel off the console and remove the control board. Do this after power is removed by unplugging the power cord. check the ribbon and make sure it is connected and that the ribbon connector is not seperated if it is the flat plastic type. The outside buttons is the keypad and the control board is the control board and are seperate parts. The overlay part for the model number is part number 316419804 while the control board is part number 316418703.
    Hopes this helps you out. Bill

  2. Hi there, derba! Thanks for your question today. I have passed this along to the Appliance Expert. I know he will be able to let you know the correct part for your range.

    I will be sure to send you an email once he posts an answer so you can view it right away.