Family and Friends Event coming up!

The Sears Family and Friends Event is THIS weekend! Lots of great deals for everyone, especially Shop Your Way members. Shop from Saturday, May 4, 8pm – Tuesday, May 7, 7am CT and in store Sunday, May 5, 6-9pm local time

Anyone out there going to take advantage of the sale to make a long awaited big purchase? Good time to stock up on your summertime needs!


3 answers

  1. Just picked up a chainsaw and got the Craftsman club deal and then the family & friends special - NICE!

    1. In response to gt4rusty


      Is it sunny where you are located? Are you going to try your new chainsaw today?

      Thank you for the great share!!

      Mother's Day is soon, feel free to enter the contest by answering one simple "words of wisdom" question ;)

  2. Good to know! I have my eye on a pressure washer right now. This weekend may be the time to buy!

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