Family gift ideas?

Every year we buy gifts for our children and we also buy a family gift. My idea this year was to buy a 33 gallon air compressor for the family to enjoy but I was out voted!!!!! What are some great family Gift ideas?


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      • San Jose, CA

    Yaa... My family didn't "go for" the Craftsman Professional Hybrid Table Saw, either.

    But, it's fun!

    Maybe not as much fun as watching what happens to a basket-ball that is inflated to too high a pressure, with 33 gallons of air volume to make the BIG EVENT even more memorable.

    But, that beats some wood being kicked back into a family member's face, while attempting their first cut on the table saw.

  1. Sweet looking '55! How about a combination pool and ping pong table?

  2. These are some great ideas! The idea of a family gift is a keeper-especially one that you can have for many years to come! We don't usually do anything like that, although we will normally do a family outing as one of the gifts under the tree-either a museum day or football/basketball/hockey game tickets.

  3. My family would usually do games, with technogoly today you can get games on
    playstation, xbox or wii that the whole family could play on. The best family gift for me was the family nights we had. We pick one day of the week
    and spend it with just family, eating, playing or just watching movies together.

  4. @2500HD - I can see why your family would have out voted you. :-) My family would usually do a family trip or big item for the house, like a TV. The gift would come from Santa.
    @jbaca06 - Tablets are very fun and a great resource! I am looking to get a tablet for myself this year!

  5. It's all about the iPad mini. It's a great tool to use for school and entertainment for the whole family. Reading, writing and watching movies have never been more fun.

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