Favorite cold weather food?

With the temperatures dropping around the Chicago area, I have been in the kitchen making lots of soup this week!

What is your favorite cold weather food to eat or cook? Soups? Stews? Warm apple pie?


4 answers

  1. My favorites are tomato soup with cheddar as well as creamy broccoli cheddar cheese!

    We also tend to drink a lot more cocoa and tea!

  2. Potato soup is my favorite. I also like chilli.

  3. I would say chili, but we have been cooking mores soups lately. I just made a celery root soup (it wasn't that great though.)We've also been making a lot of squash curries. Much more success with them!

  4. We have been making a lot of chili and soups as well! I have also noticed my hot tea consumption has picked up since the cool weather arrived in my area. I've also been trying some new crock pot recipes lately but haven't found a favorite quite yet. We've been on an Asian food kick lately and I tried a couple Asian crock pot recipes my husband did not like! I think I need to get back to basics with the crock pot recipes.