Favorite riding mower?

My family is probably going to need a new riding mower next season and I wanted to go ahead and research mowers in advance so we know how much we’ll need to spend when the time comes to purchase!

Do you have a favorite brand, style, etc.? We currently own a Yard Machine (passed down from my father – not certain of the deck size). We mow a little over an acre, mostly level lawn. We might like to upgrade when we spring for the next mower (husband wants zero turn), so any/all suggestions are appreciated!


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  1. I can't say my experience with my SEARS VT300 model lawn mower/tractor has been a good one. I purchased 26 months ago and have had a repair technician out twice (separate issues) and now dealing with a third issue. First issue was with a loose rocker stud, second with a bad safety switch---both kept the tractor from running. My third issue involves excessive smoking. Unfortunately I'm 2 months past my two yr warranty period so issues #3 is all on my dime.

    My experience suggests you stay away from that make/model.

    Best of luck

    1. In response to RepeatedIssues

      Sorry to hear you haven't had luck with your mower. :( Thank you for sharing your experience though, I will continue researching and keep your feedback in mind!

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