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  1. Squirt62, If you mean the clip and the top center of the fresh food section, here is the link from Sears,
    This is the clip latch that the left and the right doors clip to. It is held in place by two phillips screws. Hope this is what you are looking for and it helps you get your refrigerator up and running.

  2. Something doesnt ring quite true here.Refrigerator doors havent had latches since the early 60s when there was a rash of kids playing hide and seek inside the refrigerators and proceeding to suffocate.Since those kids met their maker,the government outlawed door latches on refrigerators and the doors are now held closed solely by magnetic gaskets that can be defeated simply by pushing on the door from the inside.
    My guess is we need some more detailed info in the question-maybe a photograph would help.

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    Have a look at all the available parts:

    Nothing seems to say "latch".

    But, there is a "holder".

    Good luck.

  3. Hi Squirt62! We can see if an Appliance Expert can help with this one. Did the latch fall off, or is it simply not closing the door all the way for you?

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