Freezer is cold, fridge is not.

9 year old GE tbx220abrrww the fridge is at 59 degrees this morning after we used a soft brush and vacuum to clean coils on the bottom..that was difficult. We moved the unit away from the wall a couple more inches and adjusted the controls. We also took alot of stuff out of fridge. The fan at the back is working. Now what?


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  1. mmorr54,

    When the fan at the back is working, it means the compressor should also be working.The temperature inside the freezer should be freezing, and if it is, the problem would be with the air damper assembly which regulates the cold air that is allowed into the refrigerator section.
    The temperature is set by the **** for the settings and it may have gone faulty..
    If the freezer and the refrigerator are both warm, this points to a temperature control thermostat. If this is the problem, where both the freezer and refrigerator are warm I would recommend that you would set a call for a technician to come and repair the problem. You could call 1800-469-4663 and Sears would have a technician out to your home to do the repair or reply to this post if you want to try some more checks on your own.

  2. By any chance are you getting water drippage into the refrig part?

    Many times the Freezer's auto defroster causes water to build up and freeze in the area that is meant to cool the refrig. Take the food out of the freezer and then take the plastic bottom out of the freezer and see if there is ice build up between that plastic bottom and the metal bottom of the freezer.

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