Garage door opener won’t close consistently

Sears Garage door opener model 139.53918D is less than 1 year old. Now it will not close consistently, but goes down and then up. After multiple presses on either the control panel or remotes the door will close. I’ve checked the 2 sensors, both are lit properly, no blockages at all. What’s the fix? Thanks.


2 answers

  1. mmorr54, I recommend trying what Tony suggested first. If the door is binding, the opener will reverse. If the door does not seem to be binding, reconnect the door to the opener. Then push the button to close the door. If the door goes all the way down and back up, I recommend adjusting the down travel. Over time, the floor might shift and bulge up. The instructions for adjusting the down travel are in the owner’s manual. If the door closes part way and reverses, you need to adjust the down force. The instructions for adjusting the down force are also in the manual. Be sure to do all of the safety tests, after making the adjustments. Please let me know if you need further assistance.

  2. Unlock it from the Door Opener and close it by hand to see if there is a binding as you close the door. The door tracks might be binding enough to set off the Safety feture of reopening the door.