Garbage disposal failed after 14 months. Sears will replace but not reinstall.

Our garbage disposal, warranted for 7 years, failed after 14 months. the Tech, who did not work on these appliances said that they would give me a new one but I would have to pay for a reinstall. I called customer service about this and go the same answer, that since they didn’t install (cost is ~ $600) then they do no cover the removal/ reinstall. I then asked for a refund of the product, promising that I would never again darken sears doors. I was told that they can only replace, but again, would not reinstall.
I paid a plummer $100 14 months ago to in stall this. I think that it is in no way fair that I would need to incur that cost again. And what if it happens again?
Please advise.


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    Kenmore disposals use a very distinctive and "common" installation sleeve on the bottom of the sink.

    Assuming your problems with the old disposal did not involve its sleeve, you may want to piggy back the new installation to the old, plumber installed, sleeve.

    With any degree of luck, your old disposal was plugged into a switchable outlet, like ours is, and there will be no electrical wiring involved in the new unit's installation.

    All that will be left is transferring the hoses to the new machine, following the digital pictures you have taken of the old installation.

    You have a digital camera, right?

    Some people even have camera's built into their "phones" now, I hear.

    Are you getting a more POWERFUL disposer to replace the old one?

  1. The disposal's warranty covers the product only. Any services that may be required aside from the product itself are not covered by the warranty. Only Master Protection Agreements cover installation of replacement products, and only the Kenmore 6011 disposal offers one, because the other disposals come with manufacturer warranties of 5 years or more. The warranty reads:

    For the duration of the warranty from the date of purchase, Sears will repair or replace, free of charge, defects in materials or workmanship which appear in this disposer.

    If the disposal was replaced, then the warranty has done exactly what it said it will do.

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      This might be a good case for me to endorse a Protection Agreement. Should the unit(s) only be going to last approximately 14 months renewal and installation, via a MPA may be the best (most economic) overall option. Did you ever think you would hear that from me?

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      Disposals, having warranties of at least 5 years (except the 6011) are not eligible for protection agreements. Protection agreements max out at 5 years, and any protection agreement must exceed the timespan of the manufacturer's warranty. It's certainly not common for most disposals to last fewer than 2 years.