Gift ideas for a outdoorsy bride & groom?

Looking for gift ideas for an outdoorsy couple who are getting married in July. They are constantly outside working on their landscaping and enjoy camping, hiking, kayaking. Anyone have a creative gift idea for this type of couple? I wanted to do something unique for them but having a difficult time brainstorming ideas.

Thanks for sharing your suggestions!


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  1. Maybe a gift card to REI? Or, to their local garden center? Or, a tractor? :)

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      Oooh, hadn't thought about REI. Great suggestion! I really wish I could afford to give them a new tractor, but that is not in the budget this year. haha

      Thanks for the suggestions BlueCrew!

  2. We had a couple who were hunters so basically her dress was the camouflaged and her groom wore cameo pants and tie. Very cute wedding, but we too had issues with what to give for a gift for everything was centered around outdoors.

    Luckily I stumbled upon some camouflaged dinner plates and glasses to go with them. Who would have thought that they would actually make something like this. They were thrilled and shocked when they opened our gift, it was the talk of reception!

    Do you know what they have for camping supplies? There is always room for additional supplies for cooking, it seems when we were camping we were always replacing items. Maybe solar supplies? I am amazed on how many new items have been developed.

    Hope this helps a little bit even though it's not very unique!

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      This couple has quite a few camping supplies, but I don't know that they have any solar supplies. Such a great idea! I will have to look into the solar idea for sure. Thanks for the great suggestions, Wendy!