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  1. Hi Ols171, Here are some tricks to use when using the washer, Remember the faster the clothes are removed from the washer and the dryer the less wrinkles set in while laying the bottom of the basket or drum.

    Here are some tips to use with the washer.
    The washer.
    • Avoid overloading. Permanent press loads should be smaller than regular loads.
    • Use the EASY CARE/PERMANENT PRESS cycle, especially if washing clothes in hot water. This cycle automatically provides a cool-down rinse to minimize wrinkles.
    • Avoid using the Max Extract spin option. By not selecting the Max Extract spin option, items are less likely to
    come out wrinkled.
    • Avoid laundering heavy permanent press articles such as work clothes and heavy pants or jackets with lighter permanent press articles such as shirts and blouses.
    • Proper use of fabric softener will help minimize wrinkles.

    Here are some tips for the dryer usage.
    The dryer.
    • Use the EASY CARE/PERMANENT PRESS setting to get the maximum cool down.
    • Use the correct temperature and dryness setting. Avoid overdrying.
    • Remove clothes from the dryer immediately when the tumble action stops.
    • Do not dry more than a single wash load; do not combine loads for drying.
    • If only one or two articles are being dried, add a few similar articles, even though they are dry, to insure proper

    Dryer drying is essential to remove wrinkles from most permanent press and other “no-iron” garments. However, some garments may require ironing.

  2. Is this laundry being placed in a dryer, or being dried on a clothesline? If you're finding wrinkles, try using a lower spin speed in the washer. Generally, though, if clothes are coming out of the dryer wrinkled, it's most commonly caused by clothes cooling and compressing in the dryer, which sets in wrinkles. If your dryer has a wrinkle preventing option, use it to keep the clothes moving after the drying cycle has finished.