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Hello- I have been looking for a washer/dryer on for a long time. A last minute change in the house purchase turned everything upside down, so I am still looking for a basic but quality washer and electric dryer. I understand that some units are made to go together, and since they usually look better when they are the same brand and model, I would prefer units that were designed to go together. I recently looked on Sears Outlet and it appeared that I was getting the same units as when I look on I am not sure if the washers/dryers are different on the 2 websites, but if anybody has purchased a washer & dryer from and/or Sears Outlet please let me know how the experience went and if you have any suggestions to make the purchase/delivery/install go smooth. I thought I had a washer/dryer that was recommended, but upon further research I found out that several people have had a bad experience with the particular washer. There were too many really bad reviews on the washer, so I thought I would keep looking. I was looking for a front loader High Efficiency Kenmore washer like the one I purchased about 5 years ago. this was an awesome machine. the spin cycle really did a great job at getting as much water out of the load as possible and still keep the cloths/laundry in good condition. At the highest speed it sounded like a fine tuned machine with the high pitched whistle of the perfectly unfolding spin cycle. I prefer a double rinse option. I really have not researched the new options like a heater in the washer or a unit that does both wash and dry. Any info. on how you order the options for the install and pay for the install if that happens at checkout would be appreciated. Any time I have looked at certain units, it appeared the delivery was “free.” I either used a coupon or link from an email I got from Sears. I have heard that the dryer should hold about double what the washer capacity is. Currently I would be doing about 1 load a day (on average). Thanks for any suggestions.


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    One issue that hampers many folk's laundry machine purchases is not "knowing" what kind of services their laundry room offers.

    Although it seem almost like common sense, gas dryers require a working gas supply being available in the laundry room.

    And, there are several versions of 240 volt "sockets" that laundry rooms have, for supplying power to electrically heated dryers.

    The power cords are sold separately on dryers, so that the correct configuration of plug can be purchased in combination with one's electrically heated dryer.

    A little exploration, before purchasing, goes a long way with laundry appliance purchases.

    1. not sure what this answer has to do with my question above, but I would like to know. I was told that there are 2 kinds of plug. On this forum an "expert" told me just make sure if the plug in your house has 3 or 4 prongs and order the correct one. what Sears needs is better customer service, and that might be what you are trying to say. I would be surprised if Sears is around much longer. I am shocked how quickly their customer service has gone down in such a short period.

  1. Hello Kooler1. I recently ordered a washer online from I had it shipped to the nearest store in my area and picked it up. The pick-up process went really smooth. Sears has a 10 minute pick-up guarantee so that there was no waiting. I did not choose the installation option since I work on appliances myself. I have friends that have used the installation option and they do not report any problems with that process. The type of washer that I purchased was a direct drive front load washer. That direct drive system has been available for several years and I am not aware of any bearing problems with that type of washer. I recommend that you look for a direct drive front load washer. The matching dryer will normally have about twice the capacity of the washer. You are correct about that. The dryers are all similar. I usually save some money and go without all of the extra features such as steam and water heating. In my opinion, the basic washer and dryer will clean and dry the clothes properly. I hope that this information helps.

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      Thanks for the help but I am not able to pick up a washer/dryer and install the units. I am disabled, do not own a truck, and would have no idea how to install a washer and dryer. I would love to find a combo like the Kenmore HE I had 5 years ago, but that was such an easy buy. It seems like so much has changed since then, as far as what companies make what machines and all the extras like a heater in the washer, etc. I just want a nice, HE, double rinse option, water level selector, Oxy clean or other booster dispenser, with an awesome spin cycle. I do need the units to be delivered and installed.

  2. Since you first posed this question on the ‘old’ Sears site and I gave you my views it has come to my attention that Whirlpool manufacture at least three basic models where it is possible to purchase the spider (Whirlpool call it a ‘support’) separately. In at least one of these basic models, WFW8300SW03, the design of the spider is such that, in my opinion, drainage from the hub area is much improved. This will, in my opinion, reduce one of the causes of foul odours and spider corrosion. The downside to this particular model is that should the bearings and/or the seal fail, unless you can replace them yourself, you have to purchase the entire outer drum (front and rear sections). BlueCrewGuyInMA may be able to tell you if this model is available through as Sears Outlet Store or even if it has a Kenmore counterpart.

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