Have a craftsman 1/2 hp garage door opener. Universal Clicker will not close the door but it will open it. Help!

The wall unit works just fine. Brand new sensors. Brand new clicker and batteries.


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  1. If the door will not go down then the usual suspects are the doow sensors. Check if the sensors led lights are illuminated.

    1. In response to SHC-FredM

      The sensors are brand new and aligned perfectly. In fact we taped them together facing one another so we could pinpoint the problem. It blinks ten times when I hit the button to close it on the clicker.

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      I'm sorry you are still having this problem with the GDO. The model number is not listed but generally ten flashes of the light tells you there is a problem with the door safety sensor circuit. If the sensors have been replaced and are aligned as stated, this would lead to a defective logic board. However, you need to look closely at the wiring to the sensors to see if it is broken or pinched by a staple. I hope this will help you.

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      OK, thank you. I will examine the wires soon to see if that is the issue. I am wondering why the wall opener works just fine and the openers don't?

  2. Hi there, shardmeyer! Welcome to MySears! Thanks for your question. The Garage Door Expert will be able to diagnose this issue for you and offer a suggestion or two to get the opener working again.

    He will be by in just a bit with an answer. As soon as he posts, I will be sure to let you know via email.


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