• San Jose, CA

Have people seen this year’s Craftsman Tool Ornaments in the stores?

There are metal and resin Craftsman tool-themed ornaments and LEMAX made Craftsman Xmas themed town miniature displays set up in the stores, in the Lawn & Garden section of the store – seasonally referred to as the Winter Wonderland.


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      • San Jose, CA

    I also just "found" the Craftsman 35665 set of 4 coasters from the closest store for only $14.99.

    I'm finding new merchandise sprinkled about the Home Improvement department, often from clip strips, rather than JUST in the Winter Wonderland or the Holiday Tools Display area.

    The new Tri-Grip blocks have moved from the sanding machine area, all... the way over to the Holiday Tool Display area.

    Good hunting!

  1. I have seen those ornaments online but I did not see them in our local Sears Store. They look interesting. I will watch for them on my next visits to the store.

        • San Jose, CA

      In response to SHC-LyleW

      They have a metal Craftsman chainsaw you may be interested in.

      I made an earlier model Craftsman metal chainsaw ornament into a kind of pendant, using the green Power Rama badge holding lanyard to support the chainsaw ornament, when I used to work in the Tool and Lawn & Garden departments.

      The ornaments are on a shelf, well inside of the Winter Wonderland area.

      The Craftsman stainless-steel coffee mugs are down in Housewares at the Sears I visit the most.